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You and I sounds very similar in a lot of respects. I hadn't touched psychs for about 15 years, as LSD had become impossible to get, and I'd gotten so tripped out on mushrooms that I felt I could no longer do them at that time. As life went on, I ended up suffering the loss of both parents, my grandparents, and a very close friend. Pretty soon a personality disorder starts setting in from maladaptive coping mechanisms. I was a wreck and I knew it.

Psychs have seemingly always had their way of working their way into my life when I really need them. I desperately needed to view the world without the ego-filter that exists during every day consciousness. Every anti-depressant had failed my miserably, and often left me more depressed than before. However, responsible use of seritonergics really helped me get past some mental blockades I'd made for myself. I've learned how to be happy, and I don't know how I would've done it without this help.

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