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1P-ETH-LAD visual geometry
1P-ETH-LAD visual geometry can be described as more similar in appearance to that of LSD, 2C-B or 2C-I than psilocin, LSA or DMT. It can be comprehensively described through its variations as primarily intricate in complexity, algorithmic in form, unstructured in organization, brightly lit, colourful in scheme, organic in feel, multicoloured in scheme, flat in shading, soft in its edges, large in size, slow in speed, smooth in motion, either angular or round in its corners, non-immersive in-depth and consistent in intensity. At higher dosages, it consistently results in states of level 8B visual geometry over level 8A.

In comparison to LSD specifically, its geometry tends to be more rounded in its corners, slightly softer in its edges and a little less intricate in its form. Aside from this, it is otherwise identical in its appearance.
Phenethylamines like 2C-B are known as “simple” psychedelics for their one-ring structure—contrasted with the more complex structure of indoles (e.g. tryptamines).
You will start to see testicles everywhere and will have a hard time not stepping on them, do not recommend while dancing
1P-ETH-LAD ist ein bisher noch recht unbekanntes Ergolin (/ Lysergamid), welches als legaler LSD Ersatz auf dem Research Chemicals Markt erschien und dort vereinzelt verkauft wird.
Da so wohl ETH-LAD, 1P-LSD als auch AL-LAD immer noch legal sind, besteht bisher jedoch kein großer Bedarf an einem weiteren LSD-Analog, weshalb es noch nicht allzu viele Erfahrungsberichte und Verkäufer des 1P-ETH-LAD gibt.

strength of effect, comedown, urge to use more drugs, value for money, and risk of harm following use were significantly lower for LSD analogues compared with LSD.
ETH-LAD is a novel lysergamide discovered initially in 1971. It is the N-ethyl homologue of LSD. Each blotter contains 100 mcg of the compound. It is NOT intended for human consumption, and is strictly for laboratory reagent or forensic analysis purposes ONLY. It is available only as the hemi-tartrate salt.

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