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2019 Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey Will Return in Auguest
This year, as the 30th anniversary of Air Jordan 4, many new products have been exposed recently. The black and red Air Jordan 4 released last week has been highly sought after by many shoe lovers. This shoe type that has been used for many years is still using its own facts to prove its own. status. Among the many color schemes in Air Jordan, the Cool Grey  series is loved by sneaker players and many stars with its unique versatile style. This year's, which debuted in 2004, is about to return. This shoe is still fresh in many old shoe fans. It has conquered the hearts of many shoe fans with its calm gray matte leather texture. Although it is not the first year of color matching, but the cool gray Air Jordan 4 with the unique temperament of fashion, deeply loved by Joe's own personal, when recording the program is personally on the feet, the degree of favor of these shoes can be seen.,PG3 As Paul George's latest personal signature boots, has been on the field, and continues to launch a lot of color, with a good sense of foot and appearance attracted a large number of loyal fans. This PG3 is somewhat different from the previous color scheme. It was chosen to be released the day before Mother's Day. The theme is named after Paul George's mother name "Paulette". The overall shape of the shoe body is dark blue, the light holes in the lace holes are decorated with light gray, and the laces are also echoed by the light gray stripe design. The contrast color design greatly enhances the value of the face. The inside of the shoe is made of the PG3 classic reverse Swoosh design, which reminds me of the barb of the recent fire. Air Jordan 1, light gray reverse Swoosh is more eye-catching on the dark blue shoes. The biggest highlight of the overall shoe is the design of the squiggly letter “P” at the heel, which uses the initials of the theme to indicate a distinctive identity.,Recently NBA shoe king P.J. Tucker exposed a very special Air Jordan 1, regardless of material or color is very eye-catching. However, it is understood that these shoes are actually the exclusive Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG WMNS “SP Gina” created by Jordan Brand for a special long-term customer spginagotgame. To ask who SP Gina is, she can only say that she is a new trend goddess, really · old shoes! The SP Gina aunt is a loyal customer of the shoe store Shoe Palace, almost always on the new, always the first time to start. Although he is old, he still maintains the love of young people and the trend of persistence. Again, these shoes have the same temperament as the spirit of SP Gina. The body of the shoe is made of a unique silk-like material that presents a unique dark purple color. With black leather stitching on the heel, the overall temperament is low-key and has outstanding temperament. In addition, it is even more surprising that the insole is still hidden in the SP Gina Auntie cartoon avatar! The exclusive specifications of the individual are enough to see Jordan Brand's unique care for the fans!

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