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3mmc BIG BOSS from chempirate just arrived today wow :O great quality !!!
I order on monday 3mmc big boss from chempirate just arrived today morning 
excellent quality nice clean big crystal again the best 3mmc from them !!!
3mmc big boss BIG WINNER !!! 
hex en still 10/10
chery coco top quality 
etizolam like always nice really good quiet 10/10
NEP 10/10 after 3mmc my favourite 
ALL 5* 
thank U chempteam again U are the best !! Heart Heart Heart
Thank U donald for news I will order that 3mmc Big Boss tomorrow and I will write reviews after weekend Smile
And true they are the best Im ordering from them around one year and never failed
Chempirates are the best !!!
I will ordered on monday 3mmc vip excellent now I will try 3mmc BIG BOSS should be great
my order arrived today all excellent quality fast and secure nice thx chempirate love it !!!
another great products from that team Chempitates RC winner !!!
3mmc big boss really big boss from 3mmc great thx for excellent weekend Smile
IF 3mmc just big boss from them !!!
my order just arrived today Smile
3mmc big boss 10/10
hex en 10/10
alpha pihp 10/10
etizolam 10/10
delivery 4 days to Germany
fast and secure
ALL opinion about them 10/10 and 3mmc big boss I tested yesterday great quality for me the best from all 3mmc on the market now !!!
Hi! I felt must write here. I am an old customer of chempirate, i had lot of orders without problems. BUT.. My favorite stuff was 3mmc allways... The problem is that the quality never was the same.. And after an order which was terrible to my nose (and besides the effect was week), i thought to try big boss. And here comes the question : what the hell are you writing here my fellow forum members about this stuff!??? It is totally useless! I am taking this kind of shits since they are exits, but this stuff worth nothing! Please somebody write correct review!

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