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Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey Will Officially Release Next Week
#1 was on a pre-emptive launch on SNKRS this Thursday, so everyone was caught off guard. Fortunately, the official website will still be officially released on August 1st. Recently, the latest foot-ups have been released, and the North American cargo volume has also been announced. The shoes are made of iconic black, white and grey, and the clean and simple shape can be easily controlled. Whether you want to wear shorts in the current season or stay in autumn and winter, it's worth starting. The tongue label is highlighted with a yellow “Flight” lettering, followed by a silver Jumpman Logo and a metal lace buckle, which is gorgeous in a low-key style. atmosphere.
The Jordan Legacy 312 series, created by Don C and Jordan Brand, combines the iconic elements of different classic shoes to create a new, more iconic shoe. With the advent of summer, low-cut new products are also on schedule. The color scheme uses the ultra-popular black and blue display of the Air Jordan 1. With black cement to dress up with the heel and the outsole, the domineering classic details are presented. It's harder than the OG shoe type, and the effect on the foot is sure to be handsome!
The, which everyone wants, will be released as early as August 17. Recently, there have been the latest physical details. From the latest physical map, although it is called the silk black toe, it is only replaced with the striped red satin material. The black and white two-tone color is still made of the leather material of the Air Jordan 1 and the tongue is also presented in the OG version. The overall style is still very classic. At the same time, the side classic flying wing logo is made of embossed form, which highlights the way the upper is presented.

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