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Although the v
Although the village is not big, it is famous. This is because Yuan Keqin, who has a singing scene in the village, is actually a special reason for the village to be famous. That red cockroach, thin skin, red color, no silk and no slag, taste sweet as honey, sweet as a chestnut. Even the shape is beautiful, the strip is long, the two ends are slightly smaller, such as the scorpion shape, the spotlessness, the whole body slips, and there is no ugly shape of the three flats and four rounds. I have also been in the seven villages and eight villages The neighboring villagers were envious of it, and they planted a few red saplings, and the color, taste and shape were all changed. Later, a provincial provincial expert revealed the mystery. The soil here, the water quality here, and the red dragonfly seedlings that have not been known for many generations, have the reputation of this red dragonfly. Indeed, this red dragonfly made the villagers feel the pride of twelve points. In the eyes of the villagers, this red dragonfly is like the scent of the three original flowers, the same as Shengxiang's bubble, Tianjin's dog ignores the buns According to the older generation, when Cixi was too late in Xi'an, it was named to eat the red dragonfly in our village. Although this matter could not be verified, the villagers still talked about it today. This has become an indisputable fact. The frost has not arrived, and the red dragonfly is unearthed. On the "old bowl meeting", you can have no rice, you can have no sputum, that sputum, a sieve of hot and fragrant red squid is essential. In the morning, red glutinous rice, red noodles in the noodle pot, red glutinous rice in the evening, three meals a day, red glutinous rice can not be broken. Eating rhe guarantee of life. At that time, on the holidays, the lack of noodles and rice; winter warm season, less clothing is missing. In the morning, people took a bag of red dragonfly into the city, and at night they returned to the fine white rice, and there were a lot of red, green and green shoes and socks that others passed through. The child has a cold and wind, and the family has a wedding and funeral, and all expenses are placed on the red dragonfly. By relying on this red dragonfly, the villagers have escaped the seven disasters and eight difficulties in life. In the era of "four olds", the red dragonfly in the hometown is also difficult to escape bad luck. According to the intention of the superior, one does not know "883" or The "388" red glutinous rice variety was vigorously promoted, and its slogan was "Red �� laying eggs, tens of thousands of acres per mu", devout heart, hard work, the eggs finally came out, and very big, all like a split Gourd. But when the pot is at the entrance, people realize what it means to "not eat." If you can't eat it, pour it into the pig trough. Even the pigs eat a few mouthfuls and shake their heads At that time, the second baby in the west of the village was the first to eat a new red dragonfly. The red dragonfly just took a bite, and he took a bite in the kitchen. I thought that the mother-in-law burned the pot inadvertently, because this woman was famous for running shoes. Only afterwards did you know that it was a red glutinous species problem. That winter, there was no laughter in the village. In the second year, even if the superiors smashed the mouth, the villagers will not grow this so-called new variety. But people can no longer find their original red dragonfly, but they can't eat the original red scent of the hometown. Nowadays, Yuan Keqin, an old artist of the Qin Dynasty, has long been an ancient, and the red dragonfly in his hometown has become a yellow flower yesterday. There is nothing in the village to show off. Despite the simultaneous development of the village and the society, people are no longer worried about food and clothing, but still lag behind many neighboring villages. When the villagers answered the name of the village, the voice was not as loud as it used to be. How long the village��s reputation can last, and some people in the village are already thinking.
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