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At that time, my mood began
Many gratitudes in this world can be expressed in words, such as flowers for the sunshine that nurtured it, birds for the parents who raised him, and eagles for the blue sky that allows them to fly freely. But there are many gratitudes that cannot be expressed in words for some special reasons. At this time, this gratitude can only be hidden in my heart silently. I remember in the sixth grade, I accidentally broke my right arm during a physical education class. I was taken to the hospital because of an injury. The doctor said that I would stay in the hospital for a week before going to school When I heard this news, my heart was like a soy sauce bottle, and it was mixed with joy and sorrow. I am happy because my homework is free this week, and I am sad because I worry that my studies will be too much. So I have been thinking about these two questions for the next week. Soon I spent a week in the hospital. It will be a long time after I return to school again That day, because the doctor said that my hand still needs to be fixed for a while, I went to school with plaster. That day was because of special circumstances, my mother sent me to school, but it was only sent to the school gate, and the part of the road from the school gate to my classroom had to go by myself. At that time, my mood began to tremble, because I had only one arm to carry the schoolbag, and my schoolbag was very heavy at the time, and it was a bit difficult to carry it with both shoulders, not to mention that it can only be used now. One shoulder but back then I had no time to take care of these, I could only do my best to carry my schoolbag. Finally, my determination overcame my fear, and I staggered on the road. During my first walk, it went quite smoothly. But not long after he left, his left shoulder began to tremble violently because of the difficulty of supporting the wood. I thought in my heart that I couldn't hold it any longer because the schoolbag was too heavy. But since there is only a short distance from the classroom, I want to use my perseverance to insist on carrying the schoolbag back to the classroom. Just then, my sweat dripped endlessly like a broken bead from my head. Immediately, my schoolbag was as heavy as a weight scale and was slipping little by little towards the center of my arm. At this time, I instinctively wanted to use my right hand to support it, but my right hand was no longer obedient because of the injury. At this moment, I don't know who was passing by me and steadily caught my bag. I wanted to ask his name and thank him. But when I looked back, the man had gone far. I looked at the distant figure in the corridor, and a warm current came to my heart. Since then, I have always wanted to thank the person who helped me at a critical moment. But since then, I have never seen him again. Since then, this kind of thanks has remained in my heart and has become a gratitude hidden in my heart
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