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Buy Ephenidine That Is Sold Online!
Ephenidine is also called as EPE and NEDPA. This dissociative anesthetic is basically sold online being a designer drug. However, this is classified as illegal in other countries. But, this is continuously sold in countries where it is not banned.

Pharmacology and Metabolism
This chemical substance is continuously being studied in vitro as a treatment for neurotoxic injuries. This also possesses certain weaker affinity for norepinephrine and dopamine transporters.
As per its metabolic pathway, it is consisted of N-dealkylation, N-oxidation and bis-hydroxylation of the benzene ring. The metabolites of the dihydroxy were also conjugated by the methylation of the hydroxyl group.

The public health agency of Sweden suggested that this must be classified as the hazardous substance. This was then classified as the scheduled substance in Sweden. This is especially as of the 18th day of August 2015.
In Canada, it was then classified as the Schedule I controlled substance. If people possess this substance with no legal authority, it could result to a maximum of seven years imprisonment. The Health Canada amended its regulations and classified this drug as AH-7921. This later on become a restricted drug. And, those who were a part of the law enforcement agency and those who have a permission from Minister’s authorization could get the drug.

Voltage Effects Reported in the Use of Ephenidine
Buy Ephenidine and realize the voltage effects that it could bring you with. These effects are somehow the same with the effects brought by the ketamine. The effects have related much to the therapeutic potential of the chemical substance. With the slow wash-in times of the substance, it is less likely possible to achieve the complete equilibrium block. If you will compare it to other NMDA antagonists, the pharmacodynamics and potency properties of the ephenidine are a lot closer to the ketamine.

Ephenidine as a Popular Chemical Substance
With the pharmacodynamics properties that ephenidine contains, it becomes one of the most popular chemical substances. This is particularly to those who are interested in the dissociative state. As per the subjective effects, they are so far dose-dependent. They also include dissociative effects like thought alteration and mood alteration. There will usually be complex visual hallucinations in doses between one-hundred and five-hundred milligrams.
What else are you waiting for? Feel free to buy Ephenidine online. But before that, think before you buy online to get only quality chemical substance!

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