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Chempirates resent lost order - I’m happy
1st Chempirates order was lost by courier or maybe seized.
I emailed to explain and the said they’d repost within 24 hours.
4 days later my package arrived. Disguised and packed extremely well.
Weights all perfect and they also enclosed a few pills for the inconvenience.
Very happy with their attitude, service & level of products!
Chempirates are definitely my go to!
On the whole Chempirates have remained solid.
The odd blip with lead times & couriers taking their time, damn it!
Robust packaging, decent lead times to the U.K. 
and consistently good products across the board.
I did notice their website went down for a short time.
However, I’ve since topped up my 3-mmc & my usual 
2 or 3 benzo’s so alls good ✌?

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