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Commutator brands
Carbon brush slip rings 
Carbon brush slip ring is usually used for some circuits require high current for power using.It express some advantages like long life,easy maintenance.Although it is old traditional form for rotary joint,but it is also a good design solution for some certain high power application due to it is convenient to maintenance.
Nowadays,CENO's carbon brush slip ring transmit current rating up to 2500Amp.Even if some small current transmission,carbon brush is also a choice sometimes just because of the easy maintenance.
Model selection
Working environmentProtection(IP Grade):IP44 or Higher
Working Temperature:-20℃~+80℃
Working Humidity:90%RH
Working Speed:0~10RPM
Anle of inclination:≦3。
Specification of power ringRating Voltage:440VAC/220VAC
Dielectric Strength:≧[email protected]
Insulation Resistance:≧1000MΩ1000VDC
Power Ring
     Contact Material:Copper graphite
Connection Mode:Screw connecting terminal
Maintainability:Regular maintenance
Specification of signal ringRating Voltage:220VAC
Current Rating:10A(optional)
Dielectric Strength:≧[email protected]
Normal insulation resisance:≧500MΩ@1000VDC
Contact MaterialTonguerecious metal
Connection Mode:Terminal box
Mechanical propertyFixed rotor:Fixed bottom bolt
Fixed stator:Fixed top bolt
Housing Material:Ordinary steel
     Stainless steel
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