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Ductile Iron Casting suppliers
Renewable energy includes solar, hydro, wind, biomass, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean temperature difference and so on. They can be recycled in nature. Is inexhaustible energy, will automatically regenerate, is relative to the exhaustion of non-renewable energy is an energy.
manhole covers
The characteristics of ductile iron manhole cover:
1,Great intensity
Ductile iron manhole cover material is ductile iron, its strength is relatively large, Ordinary covers material is composite materials, and polymeric materials,generally less than the strength of ductile iron.
2,Good toughness
Ductile iron covers the impact value similar to carbon steel, is 10 times more than the grey iron material.
3,Good plasticity
Extension of ductile iron manhole cover rate greater than 7%, similar to high carbon steel, and iron material extension rate is zero.
4,High strength
The tensile strength of ductile iron manhole cover ób≥420MPa,Yield strength ós≥300MPa,with the same low carbon steel, is three times the iron material.
5,Strong corrosion resistance
Spray corrosion test, corrosion rate of ninety days is only 1/40 of the steel pipe, 1/10 pipe is grey. Life is 2 times of gray iron, is 5 times of ordinary steel.
Our ductile iron manhole covers the use of ductile iron QT500-7 material, improve product density, with bending resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance,not easy deformation and other properties.
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If our Cheap casting ductile iron manhole covers grating drainage frame channels caters to your requirement, welcome to contact our professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. And our factory will also offer you the customized service with low price.Ductile Iron Casting suppliers

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