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During this period
During this period of time, I kept interacting with old friends. Some old friends who had not seen each other for a long time suddenly joined together. The time seemed to be not as long as it used to be. Just a few days ago, I immediately linked time and space. I especially cherish the care of those who can imprint their appearance and form. Even if you haven't been in contact with each other for many years, you can know each other very well. You can say very deeply that children and children are private. It further shows that the distance between the heart and the distance in reality is not the same thing. Some people are together every day, but they are very close Far, do we know each other? It is easy to get acquainted with each other. Friends have been studying Chinese studies in recent years, learning Lao Zhuang and Zen. I can't even wear fur. Listening to her, my eyes are straight and only nodding Friends! Talk to them, and always let me drink like a shower to nourish my heart. Write down the bits and pieces, and slowly taste it! Everything is flowing, don't worry about it at this time, and know what will happen to him? We may wish to look farther. What you think is a good thing, a happy and happy state, may just be that you conform to this society. The concept of the public is actually a bit unreliable. If you want to pursue it deliberately, then it is definitely not suitable for anything that becomes a fact. The state is also the beginning of the killing, some slowly consume, and some instantly fall. At the same time of consumption, enjoy the process, gradually return to dull; fast but amazing, memorable. People are independent, only self-circulating, self-salvation, can not rely on anyone, including relatives, let alone husband and wife. It is quite selfish to say that you are dependent on each other. It involves others and entangles yourself Once something has changed, it is most important to be unable to adjust the mentality of maintaining peace. Most of the life of a person is extremely dull or even boring. Life life is only flowing slowly, that is, in this state. Keep your balance and care about the moment, this is the best. If there is fluctuation, use more excitement to greet and enjoy.
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