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Expected Physical effects of 3-MMC
It produces  physical euphoria and disinhibition, tactile enhancement, increased stamina and body control, temperature regulation suppression, vasoconstriction, abnormal heartbeat, increased heart rate and perspiration, nausea, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, decreased appetite, muscle contractions, pupil dilation, increased libido, orgasm suppression, nystagmus, teeth grinding, seizure.

It has various cognitive effects and act to cause cognitive euphoria, anxiety suppression.The product also increase appreciation of music, empathy, affection, sociability, motivation and immersion enhancement. Also, Individuals are likely to experiences delirium, confusion, thought deceleration and time compression. Furthermore, other visual or auditory effects such as color enhancement, pattern recognition enhancement, suppression of double vision. Distortions of tracers and symmetrical texture repetition and auditory hallucinations and enhancements.

Also the after-effects present itself in the form of anxiety, cognitive fatigue, depression, irritability, wakefulness, thought deceleration and decreased motivation.
Ever since I started using 3-MMC, the resulting burn in my nose has been getting worse. Because of this, I didn't manage to get it all in, in one hit.
while I don't even feel that way after MDMA anymore, ever since I've abused that. This is amazing! Even better than my previous experiences with this substance! I feel warm, comfortable and I've got tiny clouds in my head* en wow! Top notch satisfying! Clammy hands, slight eyewigles.

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