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Fuck all you scammers! Making the RC scene skanky. List below-use it! :)
I see scammers on here known for scamming people creating dodgy vendor lists and I'm fucking amazed at how naive people are to follow.

Check this dude out and if you don't trust my word I have created a legit vendor list that you can vet yourself. I done this list with no agenda only to prevent folk from being scammed!

This is my third order and boom delivery on Monday! (get Chems) proper understanding , genuine and has never let me down bar a tainted batch of NEP but that was resolved

realchems (pay by card) 
Chem pirate 
rarechems (delivers to the US now

All the rest down the bottom Smile be safe and be careful of SCAMMERS!

Swiss_ Target & Get Chems EU-US-WW -

Update: 3 NEW Etonitazene analogues coming shortly!! It is amazing how willing Chinese labs are to make new analogues to bypass the ban. Expecting next week and I will write a report on Reddit!

If you cannot tell me how you are planning on handling Etazene ie, A digital scales, blotters and so on. I will not sell. Yes I want to make a buck but I bloody do not want someone to die by my selling. 
2 NEW 

Email: [email protected] and my (personal email) only if you do not get a reply after 24hrs (Be patient for my reply and please be careful with all opiods. (Advanced users only) You need to have a proper lab equipment to handle these chemicals.

Free shipping on all orders 200+ and $26 for orders under DHL - UPS only.

UPDATE: New onion website coming soon! We have given up on Empire. We lost 1000s to Dream so it's time we go it alone. It will take us a few weeks due to the need for higher ssl and security. Watch this space! 



*Please don't ask for access to the main menu page if you haven't ordered at least 3 orders off of me* Every email I get lately and it only causes insult when refused. Sorry but Remember I have to keep myself safe also so that's why certain rules and limits are in place.


Hexen fresh Batch!! + FAB-144! A noid without the horrible withdrawals. Also back by popular demand 3-meo-pcp for those who cannot get it in the US. (First time dose 4-8mg)

We source from a few suppliers in China and Holland always do our best to try beat conventional sellers price's. If one thing is for sure, We look after our customers and that becomes top priority if negatives shall arise though very rarely it does bar the odd smart ass trying to get a free reship.

98% EU-Worldwide Shipping. The same shipping method every time so please don't ask for a different shipping method.

Full reship if your order is lost. Unfortunately no deliveries to Asian countries due to a high seized rate.

I can provide photos, trackings and whatever you need to prove my legitimacy Smile

Free shipping on all orders 200+ and $26 for orders under.


(All the list products are available in stock)

Free surprise gifts on orders exceeding $€200 and ++ on orders above. 

Etazene 1:2 mix - Etonitazene analog

It's finally here!! 

Etazene (Eto-des-nitazene), etonitazene analog
Mix 1:2 with caffeine
Mix of potency comparable to Fu-F

Etazene -

2g  - $120
4g - $200
10g - $400

Minimum order 2g

Recommended first dose: 5-15mg (It's Very potent)

Doesn't show up in urine tests!

2F-Viminol [FREEBASE] (Back by popular demand and have decided to add it to the newcomer menu)

3g - $200

6g - $350

Fulonyn Fentanyl (We got some very limited stock and will not be restocking due to bans in place in China)

2g - $250

4g - $450

Maximum order per customer is 4 grams.

Also as requested FAB-144! A New addition!!

1. A-pvyp

5g - $140

10g - €220

50g - $750

100g - $1100

1kg - (email for queries on wholesale)

2. Eutylone-

5g - $140

10g - $220

50g - $400

100g - $650

1kg - $ Contact me

3. A-PIHP (brown)

5g - $140

10g - $220

50g - $350

100g - $600

1kg - $contact me

4. A-PHP 

5g - $160

10g - $250

50g - $480

100g - $600

5. Hexen 

5g - $150

10g - $250

50g - $480

100g - $600

6. 3-MeO-PCP 

5g - $150

10g - $250

7. Etizolam-(Restock soon. 55g left)

5g - $170

50g - $550

100g - $700

1kg - Contact for wholesale

8. NEP- (Best seller)

5g - $120

50g - $300

100g - $400

1kg - (Not enough to fulfill right now)

9. 5fmdmb2201-

5g - $60

50g - $200

100g - $330

1kg - $1500

10. 5cladba-

5g - $70

50g - $220

100g - $350

1kg - $1700

11. FAB-144 (New addition)

10g - $70

50g - $270

100g - $350

Free shipping on all orders 200+ and $26 for orders under.



Legit Vendor list 2020. (Updates ongoing)

Chemcloud review in progress (Ordered on the 11/02/20
I'm optimistic)

PGP Generater/Encrypter/decrypter

Never get phished by Validating onion links using,

An honest gent. Who is out to build legit unbiased vendor list once and for all.

My favourite and not once a bad batch.
(100% on products and prices. Always first for new rc's. Opiods especially) (Brilliant service, delivery, discretion and packaging and product quality +++ and free samples also a +) (needs no introduction but limited in choice and selling 1mg etizolam and other benzos for 2-3 euro is outrageous. Solid otherwise but their menu isn't for me)

aaass ( Another legit but Avoid these like the plauge! Their prices are through the roof imo)

aaass?? (ordering Monday so I will post an in-depth review) ( For Europe only, plenty of benzos and full reviews on trustpilot but will test myself) ? (Now delivering to the US) JUST ANNOUNCED!

aaass (Absolute 100% for orders 10+ grams) (Expensive though they do have a bigger selection than most)


aaass (have never purchased! Just word of mouth) (friends have recommended this lad whoever he is) (great deals in the bargain basement) check your email regularly.


aaass (new to me but verified and dependable. Some weak opiods available also)

aaass (100% for those in the EU and use F1L9I5XK for bitcoin 10% off)

if you want to help expand this list, drop me a pm with your suggestions and I will research them and add them in 

I am from Ireland and have been researching rc's since 2012. I just want to compile a list with no bullshit and with the help of genuine people all over. There are too many fucking Scammers so let's prevent folk from being scammed.
I am from Ireland and have been researching rc's since 2012. I just want to compile a list with no bullshit and with the help of genuine people all over. There are too many fucking Scammers so let's prevent folk from being scammed.

Go to Joe he will take good care of you
Haha you so funny. I ordered Monday and received today so thank you? Also enjoy you 10% off. Sorry my eng is bad. You helpd me but I thought it was scamm?
I email you 

NEP 10g please thank again

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