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Giving is mutual, you
Giving is mutual, you give me trust, and I will give you peace. In the hot sun, I heard only a loud noise, and at a glance I looked at the noisy classroom, and there was a moment of tranquility. I thought, "Where is the sacred one, and we'll calm down our" shrimp soldiers and crabs "?" Command. She first used force to calm us down. After that, I use brain attack to give brainwashing. After that, we were asked to write a "review" to end the war. We stood idly and could never be calm. I think, think, I think a lot of sin. "Our loophole is that omnipotent monitoring. I think about what made me start talking nonsense, I found in the review, it is my learning habits also Did not develop. All I have to change these bad study habits, and she is quiet. It is another self-study course, which is nothing but a test for us. If we are quiet, we will be praised; if We are as noisy as last time, and we will be as painful as last time. I took a look at the current situation and I think we are quiet. The classroom is very quiet, I only hear my heartbeat, the surrounding People seemed to be settled, and they didn't even hear their breath. At this moment, a fly was flying from nowhere, and I was upset with a buzzing noise, and stretched out my hands. Hurry up and take it back as if everyone was staring at me I thought I broke the silence, and for a moment, I felt that my heartbeat slowed down. It was too quiet! At this time, I noticed the best time in the world. I only heard a messy footsteps and I saw her open. Room door, she walked towards us with her strong posture, and she said what I expected, "your self-study class is doing well today." I understand that giving is mutual, and you give me trust, I Will give you a piece of tranquility. Giving is not a loss, it is a kind of exchange of life, and a little bit of giving will eventually be an indispensable touch in life ... It is another season of mature harvest in the city, the car The horse was hustle and bustle, screamed louder and louder, "Your dates, welcome to come again." The boss handed me a pack of dates, with a smile on his face. Before I could say thank you, the boss turned around. Entertained other guests. Red dates, round and shiny, like a ruby, smelled, a familiar taste poured into the heart alley, deep and quiet, ancient bricks, blue road, all The years have turned into light ink. There is no busy crowd here. There is only a group of loving old people and naughty children. They are innocent ... I strolled in the alley and laughed with my partners. Suddenly, a period of jujube turned our clothes Entangled, we went away, a wooden door was hidden, a tall jujube tree stood in the wall, and the jujube was covered with trees, like a beautiful painting. We gently opened the door, and there was a man inside Old man, he is lying peacefully on a wooden deck chair. Under the sun, the silver on his head emits a peaceful light. His wrinkled hands are lightly placed on his chest. Come, grandpa. You pick jujube! "I wonder if we stared at the jujube tree. Grandpa even saw our caution. Grandpa was holding the tree in his hands, shaking his toes with trembling, and picking dates from the tree. After a while, a bunch of jujubes appeared in front of us. We ate the jujube with a big mouth, and we couldn't help thanking Grandpa. I saw the grandpa gently supporting the jujube tree with his hand. The clever little friend asked "Grandpa, are you thanking the jujube tree?" Grandpa smiled, smiling so heartily, a few teeth trembling in his mouth: "Children, nature has given us jujube, we should Thank her! "The little friend asked again," Then you gave us dates, we should also thank you! "Grandpa smiled again:" Grandpa, you don't need to thank you in return, as long as you continue this kind of giving Okay! "We nodded and understood, and left. Since then, although I haven't seen the grandfather again, I always remember his words. At night, I always turn on the lights outside, whether I go out or not, in order to continue giving from Grandpa, it does n��t take much, but it can be moved by one person after another. Continuing this grant, the harvest is beautiful, the moving beauty will render life beautiful
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