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How Do I Make Synthetic Wigs Look Natural
Today I'll show you how I make my I got this wig from AlipearlHair. It has a large parting space and some combs inside. The edges are good, but we can still do some plucking to make it look more natural.

Pin my wig onto a wig stand. I like to brush the out so I can see what I'm working with. I'm going to get some tangling on what I'm plucking. It's nice to minimize that. This is what I'm starting out with the part.

Please be careful when you tweeze the part. If you pluck too hard, you can poke a hole in the . It's not a big deal if you are a beginner, you just need to follow the method I'm talking about in this tutorial. 

Next, I'll pluck a few little flyaways. I part and measure how thick I want my part since I already tweezed the part that they have made. 

Everything has been plucked and laid in the right direction and then I'll see where the tracks start, and the parting stops so that I can go as far back with the parting space as I can. The longer the part, in my opinion, the more realistic the wig will be. So, I try to get all the way back there. But make sure you don't expose the tracks.

This is what it looks like. As you can see there's a layer that looks way more natural hairline transition thickness. I need to pluck a little bit more on this side because it's not as natural as the other.

I'm getting my hair ready to put the wig cap on. You need to make sure that your ears are covered, and your hair is behind your ear under the wig cap. And then spray glue (or another water-soluble glue made for wigs) along your hairline and a little bit over it. You can use a blow dryer on a cool setting so that it can dry faster.

I'll dot some foundation on top of the wig cap so when I lay my wig, it will blend in and look like my scalp underneath. If you have some hair underneath the cap, you want to make sure that you dot it along your hairline or however deep you think your part will be. Try to get that coverage.

I use a bobby pin to take little hairs from the front of the wig and then cut them down. I try to make them as short as possible. After that I apply some mousse and use a toothbrush to lay them down.

After all these steps the wig finally looks way more realistic than it did originally. Hope this was a little bit helpful for you!

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