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How To Put On a Lace Front Wig
Lightbulb make your wig look more natural which is popular in African American women. Let’s see what is a lace front wig, how to put on a lace front wig.
[Image: tranparent_13x6_lace_wig_body_wave_0305_.jpg]
People will think that it is easy to wear a wig, but how to put on the, it needs skills and methods to complete it. We will tell you to step by step to make a
1.tests your skin whether allergic.
Some person’s skin is allergic, so making a test first is necessary. If your skin becomes irritated, purchase a hypoallergenic wig tape or adhesive to use instead. Fortunately, your skin is unaffected, you can wear the wig safely.

2.braid your own hair in a flat simple style.
Braid your hair tight and flat, the flatter your hair is against your head, the better the wig will look. If your hair is short, it can be easily braided flat. If your hair is long and thick, you had better braid a straight back braid pattern. 

3.wear a wig cap.
A wig cap that flattens your hair and made your wig stay in place. Put on the cap gently and adjust the position to make it cover your hairline completely. If you have little to no hair, you can skip this step. What we did to make sure the wig didn’t slide around your head. Even the hair around the back neck, you should make sure it covered in the cap which won’t let your hair mess.

4.put on the wig
Find the right position, wear the wig on your head, and adjust the proper position before you use any adhesive tape. Make sure the wig on your head and line it up with your natural hairline. If the wig has straps, you can adjust the size fit your own head. 

5.Apply the adhesive or gel.
Apply some adhesive on your forehead after you place your lace front wig well. When the adhesive dries, you can cut the extra lace along your hairline. Make sure your wig cap hold on your head strongly, or it will slide. Please be careful and don’t hurt yourself. 

6.comb and style your wig.
Please use a wide-tooth comb to avoid the hair tangle and shedding. Because the hair we use is 100 human hair, so you can use hot styling tools to make some hairstyles you like.

After a while, if you don’t want to wear it, you want to move off your wig, how to remove a lace front wig, let’s see.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit aaass

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