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I always hope to
I always hope to have a trip, go alone on the road; always hope to temporarily throw myself up and be a stranger; I also hope that one day, I can carry a big travel bag, cut a neat short hair, from one city to another, all over the city. Try the vicissitudes of life. In life, we always have too many troubles, things that are big and small are piled up together, and the mood is gloomy like a cloud of rain. There was continuous drizzle, but there was always no thunder. Want to start a trip, only one person on the road, but always hang on the face of the years. I envy those who can travel, see more scenery, hear more stories, and suffer from vicissitudes, but always have a passion for life. In this strange city, it does not belong to my world. I have never seen a sunrise and never breathed fresh air in the morning. Follow the orderly life, go to work, get off work, boring, boring. Without passion, the ease is like a domesticated pet rabbit, gentle and lovely. I don't like this kind of comfortable life, but I am still young and I lost my passion at a young age. There is a swaying seed in my heart, but I have to be docile in front of my eyes. Growing up is definitely a good thing, but there should always be a young look. Always take the breeze, meet the sun, and walk away from the road of life. Take a look at the outside world and breathe the air outside, even if they are not different. In the face of choice, I always think that it will affect our life. In fact, what is the use? Can't let go of all the existing ones, how to return to zero? Start all over? How to get on the road, young people should always have a young look, reckless, rash, and uneasy. Young people always have young blood, no sorrow, wildness, this is what we are. It��s not just in your twenties, you have to be a family and you have to start a business. Confucius said: "Thirty people stand." And now how many people have already entered the marriage hall early can always hear such a voice, but not as long as 30, they said, "I am old." We have thought that we are unique, so we are proud to walk in the world. We also humble ourselves for our past and cover up the seemingly unbearable ones in different ways. Lonely living in his own world, can't hear the sound outside, can't hear the call from the bottom of his heart. Just what? Who will really care, why not do it or not to let themselves indulge in feelings, two people should be shared together, go together in one direction, whether or not together, Mao Zedong said: "Do not marry The purpose of love is to play hooligans." Life will always give us too many surprises, who do not want to go with the people in front of you. Who is willing to spend a few more years to re-recognize and accept a person? The damage has been mutual since ancient times. When giving others, why not hurt yourself? If not forced, who wants to let go? In feelings, in life, in dreams. So, how can we comment on a seemingly hopeless feeling as a rogue? Walking and living are connected, and one step is to temporarily throw these annoying things behind and make a stranger who is not for himself. I always hope that I can really take a trip, but I can��t do it. I can��t help but sometimes feel low. It is also the unwillingness of the bottom of my heart, and it is also the seed of my heart, so that I have not died of this obsession. I also want to walk into the mountains, find a piece of pure land, and listen to insects and birds. Go to the poor waters and sit and watch the clouds. The breeze is over, slipping to the ear, flying and swaying, watching the world. I also want to be a thin woman, elegant and gentle; but never have an elegant seed planted in the body, after all, to be a crazy woman. Another summer is coming, but I am still being troubled by the troubles, and I can��t let it go. If you can't move, let your heart move, let the heart follow the wind, ride the cloud, do one, move one, quietly and ups and downs in the thousands of worlds, one day, I will unload this trivial thing, will throw To the back of the head, driving a leaf boat and sailing
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