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I climbed up fortunate enough to experience Runescape
When I look at the young generation today, I see young people that won't experience games that will remain with them the manner Runescape did for all those people who grew up on it. Nearly all the giant names today, one of of sea of matches, do not stand out and specify a generation the manner Runescape has. Runescape created its own identity that remains in the center of millions of young adults and carved its path. It is quite a timeless experience. I can remember, crucially, how my life evolved from from when I started playing Runescape and every calendar year thereafter. Runescape is like a guidestone for my memories with small markers how old I was when this or that occurred in my life and that remind me of where I was.

Runescape is not simply magic, but it's truly a part of me and I wouldn't have it any other way. No matter where I go or what decisions I make, all roads lead back to Runescape at the heart of my identity. It is integral to everything I do even when I'm not aware of it. The lessons I learned, adventures I had, and have had a lasting impact. Thank you Jagex, for maintaining the memory of our childhoods flourishing and living, and to the community. Best of luck on all your life travels, friends.

That is very boomer of you. But if you feel games such as Minecraft and fortnite are not standouts that will form the childhoods of many younger players you're wrong. It's absurd ubiquitous these games are. Id agree, its just generational differences. Kids today will probably be looking back on Fortnite and Minecraft the way we do at Runescape. Just let people appreciate matters.

I really don't think he meant that they are not standouts. I could be wrong but I feel as though he was more referring to him playing the exact same game for his entire childhood even until today. I mean I've been playing RS for approximately 15 years now. Games like Fortnite may have a hard time lasting that long due to how contest they have.You are correct. I didn't name some other games because I did not want to create my sentiment seem inconsiderate of other people's experiences. I grew up on lots of other names which will have a place within my heart, and Minecraft, Halo. I only wanted to reveal just how much it means to me I can look back on fond memories of RS.

Runescape is a game that sticks with you. I always find myself returning to RuneScape because the amount of unique things you can do is truly vast. Quests have storylines and FFXIV doesn't come anywhere near it. It's a shame EOC destroyed the Runescape. I recall killing the Bandos boss by randomly mashing my ability bar such as a piano, what EOC and mtx has done to this game is actually among the most unfortunate things ever to happen in mmorpgs.

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