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I'm just sick to my stomach.
I came in here in a hurry to read reviews and see who was good and who was fake and I fucking missed the entire reason you started this page.. I went directly to the reviews part and there was sean paxton all over the place with kick ass reviews by a bunch of different people saying that he was totally legit and that he had the best chems etc.. he even fought it out a couple of times with people calling him a scammer and shit. 9/10 reviews made him look great.. I ent him $400 last night... I guess it's just gone now... I came to this place to avoid all the DW marketplaces that kept disappearing with my money just to walk right up to another fucking scammer and say "Here ya go!, take my money from me!" shit man.. Isn't there a way to erase his name from existence from your site? I totally fell for it based on his reviews.. how can he be the reason that you started this site and be all over it? I guess I just don't understand what just happened to me yet.. LIKE FOR REAL. IF THIS PAGE IS MONITORED HOW DOES THIS SHITBAG STILL HAVE AN ACCOUNT NAMED SEANPAXTON? Why has he not been banned or something? I just don't get this.. Is this entire site an elaborate scam? I'm fucking confused and pretty broke now too.

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