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If you're interested in research chemicals/hallucinogens.. I have a story for you....
So last night, I took some 4-ACO-DMT (, on accident.. (Source; ordered it from

Holy fuck. I've done shrooms/acid before but this shit was crazy. 
I had bought some weed from my brother a few days ago, and there was a capsule in the pill bottle he gave to me that I was supposed to return to him, he has his green card and gets THC pills on occasion, so I assumed that's what it was. I knew he had this 4-ACO-DMT but I thought it was powder not a capsule so I didn't know that was what I had. Boy was I wrong.. 
The night began when I opened up my pill bottle to get out a bowl and I decided I wanted to get really stoned (I was smoking out my window so I couldn't smoke too much bc my parents will smell it etc..) so I took this capsule and figured I'd pay him back the next day. 
30 minutes later as I was laying on my back my fan began to take on a strange pattern and my whole ceiling fucking erupted in vivid waves of color, keep in mind I didn't know I had taken it so I was like wtf am I doing? I began to laugh/sweat/shudder uncontrollably and ended up laying naked in my bed with all my blankets thrown off. I kept turning over what could possibly be going on (first thoughts, IT WAS LACED) being in the state I was in I began to wonder if I was simply going insane, then this thought really took hold in the depths of my trip and I started freaking out. I couldn't comprehend time and I just kept coming back to the fact that it would never end, then I got stuck in this weird loop of trying to think about not thinking and just totally mindfucked myself into thinking I was insane and that my parents were going to throw me in a loony bin when they found me but they would never find me because I thought time wasn't moving and I was going to be stuck in my bed for the rest of my life tripping nuts. I would try to look at my phone to see what time it was but my background is fish swimming in an aquarium and it would erupt into crazy fractals and I couldn't read the clock. Eventually I fell into a trance and felt the most calming/relaxing/coolest feeling I have ever felt in my life, it was like God himself was holding me. This went on for what seemed like an eternity, although the other part seemed like an eternity as well. until I finally fell asleep and woke up in the morning and realized I was still alive and wasn't totally batshit crazy, Asked my brother what the fucking fuck that capsule was and he told me.. 
So now I just want to say I'm thankful that I'm not insane and that I'm able to sit here and type this right now completely coherent. And it was worth it. All that craziness was worth that feeling I held. No other explanation other than pure divine goodness. 

SPARKNOTES: Accidentally took really strong hallucinogenic, tripped nuts and have a whole new perspective on life. got hell of such high products/chems.

MORAL: Don't take hallucinogens on accident, or actually do it because it was hands down the coolest drug experience of my life.
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Incredible my another order arrived in 12 days from China, I am in Iraq and always fear of custom officers but tell me he will arrange parcel very well. They have very good way to arrange parcel and they have good items too. (Apvp, ketamine, 2fdck and mdma) great communication quality and prices.

Very good and trust vendor THANK U Changshung.

A very good, trustworthy and verified RC vendor I have cooperated with.
I've been ordering from them regularly, during one of my orders, there was a problem, weight was below the ordered quantity, I complained and they did add up the missing quantity in my next order. They have 100% reship and refund policies.
They have patient for every questions I ask, especially concerning the dose problem and the dissolve problem, etc.
They never charge me in advance, under this present situation, they are on vacation and will resume services on October 11th 2020. We can't wait to place our order once they resume shipping. My friends and other guys around my area and town are crafting for their products.

I want to do business with them till death. [Image: heart.png]

Their contact way:
Wickr; widespreadchems
Website; aaass
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
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If somebody looking for good and trust vendor I can recommend special the 2deck, Fent Hcl, Meth, Amphetamines. 3cmc hexen nep and clonazolam they are really good team no problem with communication payment buy btc and great Quality :[Image: smile.png] never problems
Thumbs Up are simply the best and do deliver very fast. They have quality products and guarantee reshipping should they be at fault. They have warehouses all over globe and ship your package/order according to your location. 

Feel free to click on their website and find out more about their services. 
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I'm ordering from nearly one year and always positive. Two times pack didn't t come but they reship my orders with bonus and give me track nmb. For me, they are the top one now on the market since Empire went down. 
Great team indeed! 
Hello I just come back here after couple months,

All time when I was absent on forums I was still ordering from
Last week I test an old product from them name Maf VIP and I'm impressed.
the best Maf on the world, they really win all other vendors and are outstanding. 
100% recommendation [Image: heart.png]
I have been away for a month due to work and businesses. I ordered somewhere around late August and my package of about 3kg with 4 different products arrived last week, I didn't have time to open, check and test ordered package over the weekend due to an old college reunion. I opened the package yesterday and behold, everything was perfect as always and they ( [email protected] had offered extra free samples of some their analogue chems for my customers to test. 
Attached is proof of delivery. are uniquely the best. Visit their website to find out more and order. I strongly recommend their services and products.

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Star is truly a research chemists heaven. They stock all kinds of chemicals ranging from BENZOS like Etizolam to OPIODS and CANABIODS, STIMULANTS, CATHINONES & PSYCHEDELICS. Their selection is unbeatable. They offer both powders, pellets and Crystals. Unlike other stores, offers generous bulk discounts ranging from less than 5% for small orders to almost 50% for bigger orders. What’s more is they offer free shipping to the USA on orders above $500. All their research chemicals comes with a certificate of analysis.
For more info, visit their website;
Here I write another update about the quality products and services of [b][/b]
The support extremely friendly and very competent in answering any questions, one of the things I find so positive about this shop.
The betting options are Bitcoin and bank transfer for bulk orders (3kg and above), I have decided to pay by Bitcoin (50% less, less costly, easily and instant confirmation and permits them to process and package your order instantly and provide you with tracking within 12 to 24hours) [Image: smile.png]
The shipping here also offers a number of options that are associated with fair and traceable additional costs, but I have chosen tracked shipping because I have sometimes problems with the delivery or shipping.
With [b] everything always arrives on time and they have many warehouse all over the world.[/b]
The Stealth is very well made or stings it in my opinion more hevor, you can tell here you have your thoughts made and implemented.
My order contained this time: NEP, 3-FPM, 2FDCK, Etizolam and 2FMA (all 100g each).
First, I come to the NEP which comes as a rather coarse powder with crystalline effect, and the application forms are here Oral and Nasal I have chosen the Nasal application.
The spectrum of activity here euphoric, stimulating and driving, just NEP typical.
I consider the batch of this NEP extremely well and of very good quality.
Now I come to the 2FDCK, which comes here as a white powder as well with crystalline effect, the application forms here as well as oral and nasal whereby I've used it again Nasal.
The spectrum of activity here is very stimulating, stimulating, euphoric, with the main part extending more in the euphoria that stings in the foreground.
I find the batch of the 2FDCK as well as the very good quality of the 3FPM.

Finally I give a thumbs up and a shop recommendation for:

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