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In the early morning, a
In the early morning, a touch of red light spread across the sky, and the sunrise rose, gestating something unpredictable. Every day, it is like this, it has been reincarnation for countless years ... Chaoyang is upward, even on rainy days, it can stand proudly in the sky after fighting the wind and rain And my ideal is also full of vitality. Dreiser once said: "Ideal is the sun of life." With it, you can see the light in the dark, I firmly believe that my future is not a dream in my ears, whenever they talk about these There is always an unspeakable excitement in the eyes. So, when I was a child, I made up my mind that I must go to these schools shortly afterwards, and I enrolled. I have just entered the school and I am full of curiosity about everything in the school. At school, I always work hard for the blue sky in my heart. For it, I struggled desperately in the ocean of knowledge, and my poor brain filled up day by day. Gradually, I learned "Water Margin", "Wolf Totem", "Gone with the Wind", and met Newton, Einstein, Li Qingzhao , I was in contact with the "September 18 Incident", the War of Resistance Against Japan, the "May Fourth Movement" ... In the course of dialogue with giants in history, I felt full and mature, and even for a moment I would feel myself caught Lived in the wings of dreams, and flew in the long-awaited direction. Of course, I know very well that to realize my dream, there must be a contribution, as the ancients said, "The sword sword comes out of the sharpening, the plum blossom fragrance comes from the bitter cold"; and, I also understand that only giving is not enough, one is persistent. The pursuit of the heart is the most important, because it will firmly believe that tomorrow will still be full of sunshine. I often like to enjoy the tranquility and comfort in the middle of the night; I often like to enjoy the sun bathing in the early morning; I often like to look for beautiful traces between the pages. I like it because they will leave room for my imagination, imagine the indelible lamp in my heart. Sometimes, in my memory of flying, a beautiful picture will be reflected-one day, I flew to the blue sky in my heart, facing the sunrise, and in everyone's excited and surprised eyes, I looked at the blue The sea, listen to the sound of the sea attentively. On the surface of the sea, the thin water vapor is shining brightly under the rendering of the sun. In the ocean, sometimes the choppy waves, sometimes the calm waves ... At this time, I am full of unlimited yearning for the future. A strong force propelled me to ride the wind and waves and move forward bravely. The young seedling in the mind gradually grows and extends towards the pure land that I am looking forward to. I know that it will definitely bloom and bear beautiful fruits. The road of knowledge advances the dream car day by day. I am moving forward. Now that I have a goal, I will overcome all difficulties and move forward, because I firmly believe that my future is not a dream rising again. The birth of
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