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It seems that Zeng
It seems that Zeng met with Yan. The spring breeze blows, the swallows have come again. For three consecutive years, the swallows have nested on the platform of our museum's foyer, raising children and raising children. At the beginning, I was so strange that the swallows also learned to run in the city. People come to the city to work, gold, and dreams. Do you come to the city to do it? The city is full of reinforced concrete buildings, all car exhaust, how can you survive? "The rainy fish out, the breeze swallows obliquely", "the swallow's family enters, the poplars fly everywhere", the swallows should be in the country cottages, should be in the willow pond, the difference between the pool, the land to fight. "When is the double-flying swallow back? The peach blossoms in the shore are open," how big is the country? Is there poetry in the country? Later, I thought of a song that I sang in my childhood. I realized that "Little Swallow, wearing a floral dress, coming here every spring, I asked you to be a swallow, and the swallow said that the spring is the most beautiful." The courtyard of our museum, for our city, is certainly worthy of "the most beautiful spring here." We have two courtyards in front and back. There are two large lawns in the front yard and dense trees and flowers in the backyard. Tracking the spring, no one can compare to the swallow. The swallow is really a craftsman. When I was a child, I saw the swallow's nest in the country, all on the beam, and the ceiling of our museum platform was rootless. It is reasonable to be unable to build a nest, but the two little swallows entered the pair, and the husband sang and flew. Out, and squatting back, busy, a bite of mud, it is hard to break out of a love nest belonging to them, and this nest is exquisite and sturdy, let people see all the heartfelt sigh. I can sigh and sigh, but I always think that the swallows choose us to build a nest here. We are not ordinary people here. We are a unit here. It is a window for spiritual civilization construction. Every day, many people come and go to visit. Swallows are good in spring, hardworking, catching pests, no matter what kind of good bird, it is not suitable for nesting here. It��s unsightly, it��s nothing, it��s just flying over the shoulders, but one day it��s going to drop the dung on the audience, especially on the heads of important leaders, my little curator. Don't you want to "can't eat and walk"? I used to call the old guard Liu head, but the old Liu head dragged it all the time, and said to the nest, saying that in their country, who built the nest on the swallow, who must be prosperous, is a good thing to ask for. Under the delay of the old Liu head, suddenly one day, a few swallows with a mouth larger than the head emerged from the mouth of the nest, waiting to be fed. Life is endless, the swallow has its own next generation, and seeing the scene of two swallows feeding, I want to lick the heart of the bird's nest, and it softens and shakes. I know that the swallow is a migratory bird. I don��t want to worry about it. When the little swallow grows up, it��s cold, and it��s not a nest. It will also move south. The swallow is also the most affectionate bird. "Spring is full of Fangfei, leisurely double Yan return. Also with the old companion, come around the nest." This is the sentence in Tang poetry. In the second year of the spring, the swallows came again. They were muddy, nesting, whispering, flying over, chasing the past, flirting with love, and passing their days. The old Liutou people are careful. Every night, they put a cardboard box in the nest and waited for the feces. The next day, they evacuated in the morning, and during the day, they used the mop to drag the platform over and over again, so that they could not give me the reason . Not only the old Liutou, a group of people in the unit to the middle-aged ladies, came to work to see the swallows, immediately like a little girl, a look of flattery, said, the little swallows small swallows. As soon as I saw the ladies so pleasing, how can I reverse the practice, how can I bear to ruin their "faceful charm"? I thought, if I don��t, I won��t stop. When the little swallow grows up, it��s cold, and it��s not a nest. It will also move south. It is the spring of the year, and this year is the third year. "There is nothing to do with the flowers, it seems to have come back to Yan." This year, not only did they come to know each other, but they did not know each other. On the platform, in addition to the old nest, two or three pairs of swallows started a new nest on the side. God, they We have built our museum platform into their "village group"! For a time, on the lawn in the courtyard, in the huge hall, there are Swallows everywhere, and the Swallows are everywhere. This is a good word that describes the flourishing and prosperous situation. I really like the word in my heart. The swallows are so popular. Our museum, I also know, this is due to the results of our library's attention to the environment for several years, and the result of careful construction. The swallow is spiritual, it knows that the ladies in our museum are all kind, the gentlemen are all knowledgeable. There is culture, therefore, we are safe to build a nest here. This is also the case. For three years, their nest has not been destroyed. But to be honest, it has not been smashed, and I don��t think I love you. How deep is it, my hidden worries are increasing day by day. You can��t drop the bird droppings on the head of the leading comrades who came to visit us. We are here, I don��t know if you swallows know that the unit is What is going on?
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