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It was on a hazy day
It was on a hazy day, thick black clouds accompanied by hot and humid air, suffocating. Then, heavy clouds drove heavy raindrops. It��s coming. The rain hit the face and called the life hurt. Maybe it won't rain for too long. The air was so tossed, and there was no oxygen. It��s uncomfortable to call people straight. All the people left their busy hands and hid back to the house Talking about how this rain is scary. There was thick smoke on the ground. As if every upcoming show, it will open its veil on the edge of the town with such a mystery, there is a beautiful river. The town was named because of the river. This river is beautiful. Did not suffer a little pollution. It��s raining, and the river is steaming. It makes people wonder if it is a river or something else. When a person arrives at the river, she wants to bring her beauty into her arms. Looking up, the raindrops are washing the dust on both sides. I leaned against the window, listening to the sound of the rain, enjoying the peace of mind Inadvertently, I fell asleep. A cold breeze blew, and I shuddered, only to find that I had lived up to the beauty of the window. The rain is already small. I took a cup of hot boiled water and drank two. I am going to hand myself over to the grass and trees after the rain outside the window. I have a white woman in my sight. When did she come to the river, I couldn��t know. I am surprised that there is such a white dress that a woman will wear. I was shocked, and the woman stood up and walked toward the river. The flowery years will be so dull to end their lives. Her face, I remember all my life. I don't know if it is hidden or how many vicissitudes I have tasted to make an almost immature face look like this. I flew out and ran, groaning. I took her hand at an alarming rate. Her hand is so cold. The long black hair covered her face I said a lot of life indiscriminately, but in the moment she looked back, facing such a quiet face, how pale my language is. For the first time in my life, I understood what was liberation. Although we have a lot of reasons for life, I can't find a suitable one for her. Asking what the world is like, just telling people to die. I sigh and it is a passionate seed. But how bad is it! This world, because of the love, has become beautiful and past! I let go of my hand. But I heard her say lowly, "I want to cross the river, I can't cross the river." I don't know. I thought, this river is not too wide. There are many ships coming and going in the river, but it is raining today. It is really not necessary to rush to this time. Just as I was looking at her, a wooden boat was drawn from the smoky river. The ships that I saw in peacetime are different. A real boat. The coward in the ship and the coward in peacetime are no different. A bamboo hat, a coat. The pants roll is rolled under the knee. However, a face that is not special is not like a coward. This face has an unpredictable and extraordinary style. It seems to be able to calm down. I am surprised that the face of a person is so important. But it is only a forty years old. When he spoke, I was even more surprised. His voice, small, seems to make the ground shake. He is like a light that you see in the night. He is like witchcraft. You will listen to him. I only heard him say, "Go on board!" The white woman handed it to him. I also followed up and the woman did not speak. Eyes are watching the distance. I guess that until now, the girl did not even know how to coward. No word has ever been said. No thanks, no sorry. She just misses her own thoughts. Her eyes were wet, dry and wet. The coward doesn't mind. I have seen all the cowards in the town, but I have never seen him. Not even a little impression. This wooden boat has never been seen. What's more, a brand new ship has been rowing and never stopped I have estimated it for a century. I am surprised that the river is not wide. The river that can pass in the past twenty minutes can't get to the river bank today. Along the way, the scenery on the river bank is constantly changing, and it seems to be the beauty I have never seen before. It seems to be how many days and nights, but the sun has never left us. The coward looked at the boat peacefully. From the shore, he took off his hat and coat. He stood there and repeated the same action. I sat in his bow, the sun passed through the gaps in his body, and surrounded his body, so beautiful! I look at the white woman sitting in front of me and facing the coward, I was amazed. I don't know when the woman did not cry, the woman's face became serene, and the woman's mouth had a shallow dimple Laughing makes people feel so moving. Even my woman was lost by her smiling beauty. I think that at this time in the woman's heart there must be hope of life. I want to come, everything can only be lively when there is hope! As such changes, I look in my eyes. And what kind of magic does Yufu have? Slowly, the woman turned and told her and the coward about her story. When she spoke, she couldn��t see any sadness, as if she was talking about other people��s. She apologized to me and the coward, she sang to me and the coward. She completely became another woman. In an instant, her white dress turned purple. The woman at this time is very beautiful. The ship suddenly became bigger. The woman danced in the boat. I am obsessed with it. At this time, the coward, still rowing the boat at the stern, when I saw it, a sun pierced my eyes. I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, the boat became smaller. I saw a small town with rain. a dense house. I walked off the boat. A man, the handle of the suit and hand was handed to the woman in purple. The woman refused to hold the hand. I saw the coward come over and handed the woman's hand to the man. All the way, the coward did not have a few extra words. But I heard "Children, I am always by your side, I want you to be happy"! The woman and the man were sent away, and there was a flash of light in the eyes of the coward. I heard the coward gently said, "Child, I will use your love to protect you forever!" Blink, the coward disappeared. Like a light, I was sentimental and moved to my home. I thought it was just a day, but it was like a century. The number of mother-in-law next door fell for me to wake me up. "Fair, how do you do it, the door is open for two years, afraid to lock the door for you, you can't get in. I have shown you two years of home. After that, don't be so confused!" . I am stunned. It��s really a river crossing, I have to cross the river! "In the past 100 years, I have been repaired by the same boat, and I have a total sleep in the millennium!"

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