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Legitimate US-based RC vendors?
International shipping introduces the unknown quantity of packages going through US Customs. Additionally, there have been a ton of trust pilot reviews from fairly well-known and reliable foreign vendors about shipments are being intercepted at a remarkable rate.

There is speculation that its COVID-related, as the influx in failed shipments definitely coincides with the pandemic.

Does anyone know of LEGIT US-based vendors? And by legit I don't mean its been vetted by one person on this forum, but a site on trust pilot that has a well documented history of fulfilling orders.

The "unbiased vendor list" post on here seems to be overwhelmingly vendors in NL, Europe, or Asia. Incidentally, the FDA and DEA has a list of foreign countries which are considered RC hubs - including NL, UK, and Spain - which again are the most common vendor locations. Its reasonable to assume packages coming from such countries are subject to increased scrutiny.

Domestically shipped packages don't pass through customs and thus should have a much higher rate of successful fulfillment of orders.

Any unbiased, non-shill recommendations would be appreciated.

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