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Marlboro Hard Cigerate
Look at the outside: the hardened soft package is designed in gold tones as a whole, which symbolizes brilliance and harvest. The surrounding area is designed with tobacco leaves to form a continuous artistic texture, and the pieces of tobacco leaves show the mellow aroma. The iconic logo also brings the visual experience of wine-smelling, as if a full "inlaid on the cigarette pack. " Explore the inside: lightly open the seal, I saw that the cigarette maintains the usual simple style of Guiyan. Plain and elegant. The top section of the tipping paper marked the position of "Yuyezhu". Upon closer inspection, it seemed that the strong aroma of the national wine sauce was about to burst out, making people want to squeeze it and taste it. Smell the fragrance: With this scent, people can't help but put the cigarette close to the tip of the nose, gently sniff, and the multi-layered and rich fragrance base instantly blooms: the tobacco is soft and pure, and the taste is round and long. The spirituality of "Fragrance" began to come alive. The elegant smoke faintly reveals the richness of the national wine, and the mellow national wine sauce is entwined with the full tobacco aroma. Taste the taste: light the cigarette and take a light breath The aroma of tobacco is permeated with silky aromas, and the mouth becomes lubricated. Take a deep breath, and the flavor of the cigarette gradually strengthens. At this time, you can’t wait to squeeze it out, just listen to the sound of "pop", and the rich aroma of wine will be emitted, The smell of smoke and wine are full of strength in the collision, and the nose and mouth are full of lingering aromas of tobacco and wine, and the aftertaste is endless.
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