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Mechanical bar screen
Renewable energy includes solar, hydro, wind, biomass, wave energy, tidal energy, ocean temperature difference and so on. They can be recycled in nature. Is inexhaustible energy, will automatically regenerate, is relative to the exhaustion of non-renewable energy is an energy.
If you are willing to buy hot sales automatic mechanical rotary bar screen machine for sludge sewage treatment manufacturers and suppliers in China. WOMA Environmental Protection Equipment is always at your service. Welcome to import rotary bar screen machine and automatic bar screen from our factory. we also offer you the customized service.
Model NO.: WXG series
Place of Origin:Wuxi China (Mainland)
Brand Name:    WOMA
Product Name: Automatic Mechanical Rotary Bar Screen Machine
Material:    SS304 Stainless Steel
Application:Water Treatment
Usage: Industrial, Home, Agriculture, Hospital
Warranty:1 Year
Service Life:>10 years
Certification:CE, ISO9001
Width of grid:    1-5m
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Method: Physical Treatment
Processing Technology: Cutting, Bending, Welding
Operation: Automatic
Hot Sales Automatic Mechanical Rotary Bar Screen Machine For Sludge Sewage Treatment
The rotary bar screen is a special sewage treatment equipment that is available for continuous automatic interception and removal of foreign matters of various shapes in fluid, which is widely used at water inlets of urban sewage treatment plants, water works and power plants, and can be used as the preceding stage screening equipment of wastewater treatment process in textile, food processing, papermaking, leather and other industries. It is one of the most advanced solid-liquid screening equipments in China, and has filled a domestic gap in this field.
Working principle
Rotary bar screen machine is a kind of can be continuous automatic removal of the grille. It is composed of many of the same tine parts crisscross parallel assembly into a set of closed chain of tine, under the drive of motor and speed reducer, through a set of sheave and the movement of the cycle of top-down chain of continuous, achieve the goal of continuously remove grille. When the rake tooth chain operation to the device and upper back, as a result of the sprocket wheel and rail bending guiding role, can make the parallel rake tooth row produces dislocation, the solid waste by gravity whereabouts to slag groove, fall off when you don't clean, this kind of grating easy channel after the contamination to the grid.
Wire rope traction drum screen machine work ShiGang rope drive put a rope, scraper from the highest position (on the end of a cycle skimming) along the guide rail, skimming plate under the action of gravity, along with the scraper. After skimming board reset, in open and close rake scraper device (electric putter) driven by steel rope traction among channels open and downward until arrival lower limit, after being insert grille clearance tine, steel rope drive line, further forced scraper scraper and hopper after closed completely along the guide rail upward, slag removal of grid until reach the skimming board, under the effect of relative motion between, the grid residue is left out, the guide plate slag fall into slag trough, to complete a working cycle.
Technical parameter table
TypePowerWater FlowDevice   width(B1)Well   width(B)
1. Compact structure, simple electrical control, operation to achieve automation.
2. Good corrosion resistance, low energy consumption and low noise.
3. Decontamination for continuous, slag clean, high separation efficiency.
Mechanical bar screen sewage treatment machine for municipal sewage treatment plants and factories and mines sewage treatment facilities in the sewage pretreatment process. Specifically applied to:
1. Municipal water supply and drainage project pumping station, the entrance.
2. Textile, printing and dyeing, slaughtering, leather, paper and other industrial waste debris removal.
3. Sugar, wine, food processing in the removal of dirt.
4. Imports of tap water intake, thermal power plant cooling water at the entrance.
We look forward to cooperating with partners from all the world to build win-win cooperation relationship in long term. If you are interested in our products,please contact us!
WOMA(wuxi) environmental protection equipment Co.,Ltd.
Address:Xishan district Wuxi City Jiangsu Province Tin Beizhen Union Village Industrial Park
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.air-floatation.comMechanical bar screen

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