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Buy 4-Methylmethcathinone only at reputable websites online. But before that, it is essential to know that it is admired for its precise value and high quality. This is usually provided in many different capacities. In addition to that, this is chemically stable. This also has its high strength being a chemical. This is also sold at its reasonable rate.
One of the impressive things about this chemical substance is that it can be utilized as an intermediate for raw items or materials. This can also immediately used in some organic syntheses. This is especially true in dyestuff, pharmaceutical and agro-chemical field.

This chemical substance is soluble in water, 5211mg/L at 25̊ (est). That is why you should keep this information in mind. In addition to that, this must kept in a tightly-sealed container. This must as well be stored away from any form of oxidizing agent.

Chemical Identifiers
[b][b]4-Methylmethcathinone[/b] (4-MMC)[/b] has its formula weight of about 177.242. Its Beilstein is 2717770 and its CAS is 1189726-22-4. .

Prior to its specifications, its refractive index is 1.5770. Its assay is 98% and its density is 1.532 grams/ml. Its Beilstein is 27177770 and its CAS is 1189726-22-4. It is also purchased in its solid crystal form. As per its formula weight, it reaches at about 177.247.

Supply Ability of a Company that Sells This Chemical
If you want to know the supply ability of a company that sells this chemical, you need to understand that it varies by company. The supply will usually be in kilograms. That is the usual unit of measurement for this research chemical.

Buy 4-Methylmethcathinone Online Now!
Buy this research chemical online now. You will highly appreciate how beneficial it is in your research or experiment study. This can be purchased at a very reasonable rate. And, this can be utilized in any way possible for the success of your research.
It will be a lot better if you will find a reputable research chemical vendor for this one. Don’t worry because you would be able to buy this at a very reasonable price that does not cut a hole in your pocket!

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