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Metal Bellow Seals
Suggested Operation Limits:
Size:14 -100 mm/0.55“-3.94“
Temperature:-20 °C~220 °C
Pressure: 16bar
Sliding velocity: 20 m/s
Axial movement: ± 0.5 mm
Combined Material:
Rotary Face:Carbon/SIC/TC
Stat Ring:SIC/TC
Seat Type:Standard AS-S16
The type seal can replace with Burgmann MF95N seal very well.
⑴For extreme temperature ranges
⑵No dynamically loaded O-Ring
⑶Very good self cleaning effect
⑷Suitable for low-end sterile application
Recommended applications:
⑴Process industry
⑵Oil and gas industry
⑶Refining technology
⑷Chemical industry
⑸Pharmaceutical industry
⑹Pulp and paper industry
⑺Food and beverage industry
⑻Hot media
⑼Cold media
⑽Highly viscous media
⑿Special rotating equipment
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