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Ok listen up you before you make a dumb mistake!
Sean paxon is a drug addict. Yes! He smokes crack and as he does he creates these  new acccounts. Check when each reviewer was made and their clear agendas.

This guy o have closed down his websites , warmed folk for months and I hear people are still being scammed. Now he's not very bright but i will once thing , trying to drive in Aussie customers is prob your best scam idea yet. 

See Sean keeps his account clean , he scamms through all of the others and fecicdedd tomfufil an order by ordering online and then forwarding it on but damn if your that lucky. This guy is 90% of this whole site on which I realized soon enough but a lot of people take stupid risks to get their Chems.

Now you've been warned. Chempirate, and [email protected] are the 3 main be vendors and as soon as Paxon feels threatened even though there was 1100 reviews 5* he began calling them international Scammers. Anyways carry on.

Oh and btw , I do not give a flying fuck where you buy your shit. I'm just trying to stop your Ketamine eyes from walking you into a wall yeah. Hard earned money into be enjoyed not to be given to some goon with a 1990 blackberry so wake up cunts because scammers like him make our business very fucking hard when you come whining about trust IL whoop you myself
 I am  just sick everywhere been scammed but one person Sean. From Cameroon.These are just some of his many scam accounts.
Max Bowel

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