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Perhaps I am emotionally slow and the sophistication is good
The loser is  not murdered. I think many storylines (like the cave goblin one) will shed some of their potency if you kill Bandos. Sure, the quests occur in the past, but why is it significant if he's just going to die anyway? In the first one, Zamorak has been kicked out, but I suppose he is still hanging around Runescape and has a strong and loyal following. He's nowhere close irrelevant/dead and appears in Missing Presumed Death (which I assume takes place after the first world event).

Central location. I don't like the way the the Beast event is dispersed all over the freeplay world. It's more difficult to find a concept of what is going on if some parts of the event are happening around the world. I knew what had to be carried out immediately with the Lumbridge event, although I screwed around for one hour at the Bird and the Beast and did not figure out considerably. Perhaps I am emotionally slow and the sophistication is good, but I believe simplicity is something that is usually undervalued in life.

Expertise : Most people enjoy the free building xp. When I did it I only got 1 xp at a time and likely at a rate of 5k/hour or so. Perhaps it's because I just have 26 structure?

Even sides. I know this is something none of us Jagex can control, however, an event is really a good deal more enjoyable when the sides are kind of even. Everybody understood Saradomin would acquire in the first one also, but at least it had been nearer. The lopsided margin also rears its ugly head in PvP more, which might be among the reasons why a lot more people are whining this time around.

I really enjoy the PvP element of Armadyl vs. Bandos, issues with EoC player versus player combat aside. I only wish it had been taken a step further. At this stage the majority of the players are high-leveled, therefore it is not like a few novices will be preyed upon. If you're concerned about this, maybe there should be a +/- 40 combat levels to attack, like the Wilderness (if you don't turn PvP on, then everybody could strike everybody). You might insist that skillers ought to be exempt from PvP, but you have to agree that individuals attacking the convoys should be fair game for PvP.

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