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Perhaps it is because
Perhaps it is because the world is too harassed, and the unexpected encounter with the book will be so fascinating. Twilight is passing away, but I like reading more and more. I used to love watching the world of the second dimension in front of the TV. Playing games is also annoying. I always feel inexplicable grievances for some things in my life that have been going on for a long time, but I still have to show a sad look to seek so-called comfort. After that, he was also feeling the vicissitudes of life, and he was really tired. I have changed a lot in the fifth grade, and I became obliged to read. That is my study is not very good, the teacher does not pay attention to me, or the lucky patron saint sees me fall into the pit, and I handed me a hand, I won the first place in the first place, to As for the moment I received the award at the Man Shanren Sea Station, the whole person was embarrassed. It wasn't until I got a book in my hand that I finally came back. This book is the first prize I won in my life. I was careful to hold it that day and showed the brightest smile against the camera. Since then, I have embarked on a journey of loving reading. At first, my mother didn't believe that I changed. Until I vowed to say what I wanted to study, and then looked at my mother with a painful and serious expression, my mother finally believed in me. The children love to read books, and I am of course happy. So that afternoon, my mom gave me a small world, and I bought a lot of famous works. I used a pair of old eyes to finally open my eyes and disappeared into my sight. I enjoyed the peace of mind. . I feel that I am more and more fascinated by reading. As the inner part of the heart becomes more and more fulfilling, I feel more and more regret about the previous ones. I regret that I have wasted so much precious time to see the anime characters who do not exist in this world. I regret that I put too many emotions on those. Bored in boring things. Now, I like to follow the author's ideas to feel the warmth of the world, like to use imagination to interpret one after another wonderful plot, so I love reading more and more. The summer vacation in 2017 seemed to be extraordinarily hot. I found a very old book on the side of the shelf that afternoon. Even if it was cleaned, the yellowed paper did not reveal the ancient atmosphere. I have attracted my attention, and its name is "The Besieged City." This is my book. The first page is full of dense notes. I feel like I have discovered some secret treasures. I read them hungry. At that time, there was no one at home. I used to go to my grandmother��s house that day. I missed the time, but I didn��t plan to think about it later. Since I basically sat all day, the energy in my body always felt that I couldn't digest much. I watched it for a whole day. I didn't eat. I had a serious stomach problem. The consequence of this was that I went to the hospital at my own expense. That night, I still looked at my remorse and my mother, and there were several books for medical expenses, because reading can make me quiet, and I like reading time more and more. There is an unexpected beauty between me and the book. From this, I feel that the years are good, I like to read more and more, and cherish every moment in my life.
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