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Hey guys, I found these guys over at They have a lot of good reviews over there and their shipping and prices are good. 1-3 days anywhere in the US, they currently carry clonazolam solution that comes in a dropper at 0.125mg per drop (high concentration) for $1 per 1mg, they also carry 1p-LSD that comes in a dropper 0.110mg per drop, for $1 per dose. I know it seems too good to be true but they are legit, check them out. I am just paying it forward, safe journey's to all.
Forgot to mention they accept Zelle which is alot easier than crypto to deal with, hell my bank app can send it straight to them instantly. Also they are a clearnet vendor, no sketchy pastbin or proton mail stuff.
Just got another successfull order of 2 6ml/30mg vials of clam today, shipping was fast. Great job guys!

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