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Reagent Tests 1B-LSD
Like other psychedelics, users are encouraged to test their purchased substances prior to use. 1B-LSD reacts similarly to LSD-25 when exposed to both Ehrlich’s and Marquis reagent tests.

Ehrlich’s Reagent Test
Ehrlich’s reagent allows psychedelic users to test for the presence of indoles in their acquired substances, which rules out dangerous chemicals like 25I-NBOME that are sometimes substituted for and sold as LSD.13 Like LSD-25, 1B-LSD and other LSD analogs are all indoles - therefore, like LSD-25, 1B-LSD will turn purple with Ehrlich’s reagent test.14

It’s important to note that Ehrlich’s reagent binds to the part of the molecule where 1B-LSD’s butanoyl group is located, making it more difficult for the reagent to bind and react. Therefore, like 1P-LSD, 1B-LSD may take up to half an hour to react with Ehrlich’s reagent, and the result may be lighter in color than the Ehrlich’s reaction associated with LSD-25.15
We currently stock 1p-LSD in the form of 100µg and 150µg blotters and 150µg pellets for convenient research.
Rates of LSD use remain low among youth in the U.S. Between the years 2015 to 2016, trends in annual prevalence of use of LSD for Grades 8, 10, and 12 combined were 1.9% (2015) and 2.0% (2016), a +0.1 points percentage increase.

Take care of yourself: exercise, eat healthfully, and control your stress level. Surround yourself with supportive people.
Laws surrounding 1P-LSD differ from region to region within the European Union. In Germany, for example, 1P-LSD is not designated a controlled substance and is therefore legal on all accounts.2 Meanwhile, the United Kingdom’s Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016 deems it illegal to produce, distribute, or import 1P-LSD from other markets.5 1P-LSD is also illegal in Latvia and Sweden, while Austria’s NPSG (Neue-Psychoaktive-Substanzen-Gesetz Österreich) designates 1P-LSD an analog of LSD-25 which, similar to the United States, makes 1P-LSD illegal to produce or possess for the purpose of human consumption.
It is NOT intended for human consumption and is strictly for laboratory reagent or forensic analysis purposes ONLY. Available as the fumarate salt.

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