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Simulation calculation of cavity clearance in twin screw vacuum pump
Simulation calculation of cavity clearance in twin screw vacuum pump

The temperature field distribution and deformation of the two rotors are obtained by loading the first and third kinds of thermal boundary conditions, as well as the force and displacement boundary conditions. The results show that the radial deformation of the rotor is different among different stages. Therefore, this paper makes detailed requirements for the clearance in the vacuum pump cavity, and carries out calculation. The calculation results provide a theoretical basis for the determination of the cavity clearance of the twin screw vacuum pump.

In the working process of screw vacuum pump, the rotor will have thermal deformation, so appropriate clearance should be reserved in the rotor manufacturing process. If the clearance is too small, the deformation is easy to cause the rotor to get stuck; if the clearance is too large, the screw vacuum pump cannot obtain a higher vacuum degree. Therefore, the calculation of clearance is very important. At present, most of the related literature at home and abroad is focused on screw compressor, and relatively few literatures about screw vacuum pump have not made specific calculation on the clearance.

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