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Sk water ring vacuum pump equipment description
Sk water ring vacuum pump equipment description

SK series water ring vacuum pump and compressor system is composed of vacuum pump (compressor), coupling, motor, air-water separator and bamboo circuit.

The working process of vacuum pump, compressor and gas-water separator is as follows: the gas enters the vacuum pump or compressor through the valve through the pipeline, then it is discharged into the gas-water separator through the air guide pipe, and then it is discharged through the exhaust pipe of the gas-water separator. When it is used as a compressor, the gas-water mixture discharged by the compressor is in the water separator. The gas is delivered to the system to be pressurized through Langmen, while the water is left in the gas-water separator. In order to maintain a certain water level of the gas water separator, an automatic overflow switch is installed, When the water level is higher than the required level, the overflow switch is turned on. Water overflows from the overflow valve: when the water level is lower than the required level, the overflow switch is turned off, and the water level in the gas-water separator rises to the required level. The working water in the vacuum pump or pressure machine is supplied by the gas-water separator (or tap water). The size of the water supply plate directly affects the performance of the vacuum pump, so the water supply pipe Valve control on.

The difference between gas suction system and pressure delivery system is that the internal structure of gas-water separator is ignored. When pumping gas, the pressure at the suction port is lower than the atmospheric pressure, while the pressure at the exhaust port is equal to the atmospheric pressure, and there is only overflow pipe in the gas water separator: when pressing gas, the suction port is under atmospheric pressure (or vacuum state), and the pressure at the exhaust port is at a atmospheric pressure. In order to ensure the delivery gas pressure, the water level of the gas water separator is controlled by the overflow switch.

Because in the working process, work produces heat, which will make the working water ring hot, and a part of water and gas are discharged together, therefore, in the working process, the pump must be constantly supplied with water to cool and supplement the water consumed in the pump to meet the working requirements of the pump. When the gas discharged from the pump is no longer used, a gas-water separator is connected at the exhaust end of the pump (a water tank can be made by yourself to replace it). After the waste water and part of the water are discharged into the gas-water separator, the gas is separated, the gas is wiped out by the wiping gas pipe, and the left water is supplied to the pump for further use through the return pipe. With the extension of working time, the temperature of working water will increase continuously. At this time, a certain amount of cold water (tap water) shall be supplied from the water supply of gas-water separator to reduce the temperature of working water and ensure that it can meet the required technical requirements and performance indicators.

When it is used as a compressor, the pump exhaust 11 is connected with a gas water separator, and the gas water mixture enters the gas water separator and then automatically separates, The gas is sent from the exhaust pipe to the required system, and the working water passes through the automatic When the switch is overflowed and the compressed gas is discharged, the working water is very easy to heat up. When the water is discharged from the pump outlet, the temperature will become higher. Therefore, at the bottom of the gas-water separator, the cold water shall be continuously supplied to supplement the discharged hot water and play a cooling role when necessary, so that the temperature of the working water will not be too high, so as to ensure the performance of the compressor, meet the technical indicators and meet the process requirements.

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