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Someone said
Someone said: "When we walk, we grow up." Yes, growth is a process of continuous advancement. Walking on the road, we appreciate the spring, summer, autumn and winter; walking on the road, we identify the beauty and ugly good and evil; walking on the road, we are full of emotions. On the way to life, there are successes, failures, experiences, lessons, joy, and sadness. The things we have encountered or experienced have flashed, some have been seen, some are indelible, and they are hard to remember. Success has given us joy; failure has given us enlightenment. When we sprinkle our sincerity and smile all the way, we have seen the eternal spring of the world... Reviewing the various situations you encountered on your way, think about How can we stand firm on the road and look forward to the road you will take tomorrow? You will have a lot of thoughts and feelings. Walking on the road, we have setbacks and happy events, weeping and smiling on the road, we recognize the difficulties and solve problems. Walking on the road, I also know that there are good and bad people, to distinguish between right and wrong. Walking on the road, I have met many people. Although there are people who should not know, it is too late to regret. Of course, in the face of difficulties and setbacks, we should be brave enough to challenge and win. When the spring breeze passes through the wicker, I am like the green willow leaf, gently and quietly, I am awakened by you. At this moment of opening his eyes, it seems that the wall in his heart has fallen, and he can't help but step into the listening to the ear of another world. Seven angel-like notes are changing in different instruments. Feelings, changing the mood. I am sitting in front of the TV in the same way as I used to, staring at the big hands. It moved! Ten fingers move the "tooth" in black and white. listen! They are a thousand words that use music to represent themselves. The applause of the audience is like a rainstorm. It is the admiration and admiration from the bottom of the heart! In film and television, can music be the finishing touch, is it different in life? When you are happy, listen to a cheerful song; when you are discouraged, listen to a passionate song; when you are leisurely, listen to a faint piano solo... Even when you sleep, listen to some music, let the beautiful melodies accompany you Have a good dream. People not only have music, but also created songs, the feelings in the lyrics are rushing out, or deep, whether it is classical opera or pop songs, all fascinating. The songs of the crowd, even if it is a thousand miles, will become happy; singing a song full of philosophical, the heart will be more than a bright light of life, the soul is also succumbed to it, dance with the infectious rhythm. The seven notes, like the seven colorful colors, make up the rainbow that is indispensable in lif
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