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Stable Zirconia Brick suppliers
Zibo Jinggan Refractories Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established in June 2013. It is an export company specializing in refractory series products, graphite products, mining machinery and other products. It is located in Shandong Zibo City, China. Since the establishment of company, the company has always adhered to purpose of the company's quality, product quality, corporate integrity, excellent service, 100% consideration for customers, urgent customer needs, to create a first-class trading company.
Company range of products: 1. Aluminum silicate series refractory material products 2, acid refractory material products 3, neutral refractory material products 4, alkaline refractory material products 5, amorphous refractory material products 6, oxide series refractory products 7, thermal insulation series refractory products 8, ceramic fiber blanket products 9, mining machinery series products 10, building materials series products, and so on. It is widely used in iron and steel metallurgical industry, cement glass industry, chemical industry, carbon industry and so on.
Mr. Wenping Wang, general manager of the company, has been devoting himself to the technical, production and trade work of refractory products since graduation from university. He has excellent technical service quality and working experience. He often talks and exchanges with foreign customers and forms good working habits. The company's existing employees are all above the university level of education, with good quality, professional spirit, business ability, work habits. All employees of the company have consistently adhered to the corporate culture of "being honest and doing things rigorously", and consistently adhered to the work creed of putting "customer needs" in the first place.
Since the establishment of company, the export countries of the company include Korea, Australia, Russia, Vietnam, Oman, Ecuador, Kenya, Indonesia, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Peru, Tajikistan, Mexico, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, mainly export refractory series products and graphite electrode products. The company is growing day by day.the company general manager of Wenping Wang, leads all the staff to invite foreign customers to visit us warmly, to negotiate friendly and mutually beneficial, to develop together, and to welcome a better future.
Company Advantage:Strong professional,free service
Company philosophy:Behave honest,Rigorous work,Clear conscience to work
Company culture:Talent is the foundation,work together harmoniously and friendly
Russia customer visit our factory
Pakistan INTERSCAN customer has a visit to our company.Stable Zirconia Brick suppliers

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