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Subjective effects
In comparison to other psychedelics such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSA and ayahuasca, 1P-ETH-LAD is significantly more stimulating and fast-paced in its cognitive effects and general head space. In comparison to LSD, it is reported to be less anxiety-provoking and more emotionally comfortable and forgiving.

The effects listed below are based upon the subjective effects index and personal experiences of PsychonautWiki contributors. These effects should be taken with a grain of salt and will rarely (if ever) occur all at once, but heavier doses will increase the chances of inducing a full range of effects. Likewise, adverse effects become much more likely on higher doses and may include serious injury or death
Its psychoactivity is thought to be at least partially related to agonism (activation) of 5-HT2C receptors, or to signaling pathways coupled to 5-HT2A. Further agonism of α1-adrenergic receptors may be responsible for 2C-B’s stimulant effects.
1P-ETH-LAD (1-propionyl-6-ethyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethyamide) is an analog of LSD. 1P-ETH-LAD is a psychedelic drug similar to LSD. Research has shown formation of ETH-LAD from 1P-ETH-LAD incubated in human serum, suggesting that it functions as a prodrug.
Thanks for your update
Limited analytical data for ETH-LAD were previously available, whereas information about 1P-ETH-LAD has not previously been encountered in the scientific literature.

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