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The arrival of the
The arrival of the speech contest reminded me of you. Every year when the school holds a speech contest, I will retreat because of timidity. The speech contest is coming again. I really want to participate, but I am afraid that I will not be able to speak because of my nervousness. When the teacher picked the students, only a few classmates raised their hands, and I also wanted to raise my hand, but when I slightly raised my hand to a little arc, I wanted to give up again. I just got ready to let go, and you suddenly raised my hand. Let it stand up straight. I looked at you with surprise, see you, I smiled at me, my heart suddenly calmed down. In this way, I was included in the list of candidates. I spoke again and again, and I read it over and over again with excitement. At noon, the campaign began, watching a candidate run down from the stage, and I had a cold sweat in my hand. You gently pulled up my hand and patted it. "Don't be afraid, I believe you can, I will cheer for you below." Your words seem to be magical, making me impetuous. Slowly calmed down. When I arrived, I took the courage to go to the podium. After I went to the stage, I looked at you. You smiled at me and looked at your smile. My heart was more firm I started to give a speech. A beautiful piece of text floated out of my mouth. The language was smooth and affectionate. But when I read half of it, the sound suddenly clicked. My confidence was a little weak, and I went on. Reading, but the sound is intermittent, my heart panic, I want to end this speech quickly. But the more I thought about it, the faster I couldn't get it. I felt a cold sweat on my head, and I stopped. Looking up, I saw a smile on your face, and I was a little shy in my heart. Then, you made a gesture of cheering on me and said "I believe you" with a silent mouth. These four words made me cheer again. Let my confidence come back again, I continue to speak, no longer as intermittent as before, but better than at the beginning. After the speech, I walked down and returned to my seat. You grinned at me and said, "Look, you can." I thanked you gratefully. The teacher finally chose me. After I heard the news, I was excited to give you a hug. On the day of the speech contest, I became more confident, and finally finished the game perfectly, and got the first. After the speech contest, I was no longer timid. Because your smile gives me invisible power, every time I think of your smile and what you said to me, my heart is full of confidence. You let me shine with confidence, let me face the difficulties with confidence and overcome it, let me brave in life. I will never forget your smile like a spring breeze.
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