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The peony by the
The peony by the river has all ended, and the peony flower is open to the second. The ancients commented on flowers: the first of the peony, the second of the peony, the peony was the flower king, and the peony was the flower phase. And peony and peony are usually planted together, a flower falls, a flower is open, extending the spring, bringing the summer, the two flowers are opposite each other, hand in hand to suppress the group, adding a rich and colorful mood for the riverside scenery. Peony, the alias will leave, leaving the grass. It is a famous herbaceous flower of the genus Peony. It has been cultivated in China for more than 4,900 years. It is the earliest flower cultivated in China. It is ranked first in the herb and is known as ��Flower Fairy�� and ��Flower Phase��. Listed as one of the "six famous flowers" in history, it is also known as the "Mayflower God". Since ancient times, it has been used as the flower of love. It has been honored as the representative flower of the Qixi Festival as a flower, and has its own kind. A calm and humble attitude, it belongs to the herb family, so the plant height will not exceed one meter. It should be the glory of the peony. Therefore, the flower is smaller than the peony flower, and the peony sings in the spring, and then the peony is in the summer. The eve of the paragraph is open, although the color is not as good as the peony, but it is also unique and shy. Liu Zongyuan, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote in the book "The Predator of the Stage of the Opera": "Where the Hui and the time are thankful, the gorgeous is the morning. The red is drunk and the dew is scented, and the singer stays in the spring. The solitary rewards are white and the wind is shaking. Night windowsGao Yan is a fire. The engraving of the clouds and the opening of the red clouds. The light-colored glazed leaves, the wind and the sub-coral. The dew is depressed, and the people are stunned. The face is drunk and weeping, the little girl is sitting. It��s not as good as a brocade, and it��s not a peach. The sunny Xia is eager to disperse, and it��s going to be awkward at night. Whoever planted this is for me, and the reward period is in me. I��m sorry for it, and I��m happy.�� The red drunk and thick, the lingering of the spring, "the glamorous brocade is not as good as the زز زز peach", it is praised that it blooms brightly, even the brocade and peach blossoms are too far away, and the posture of the peony flower is more concise and generous The richness of the peony has created a style of its own, and the floral fragrance hits people, and the reputation of winning the flower fairy is only the past and the present. In the name of love flowers, always bring a sense of sadness and parting, the word love is the most helpless, in addition to the initial fascination with happiness and enthusiasm, but also need to face the indifferent fatigue and weakness, and then the good things will end When you have a good relationship, you will face differences. In the reading of the scriptures, there are poems such as "Wish and the woman, Yiqi, and the spoonful of medicine", and "Gifts with the spoon" are generally considered to be "knot with grace", and appear in the Book of Songs with the image of "knot with grace". In the later works, the peony has become a symbol of "different" and "passionate" As the Mayflower god, the peony is opened at the beginning of the spring and the beginning of summer, always causing people to hurt the spring and sigh the spring, and its graceful innocence, the beauty of the fragrant, but also reflects the loneliness and desolateness of spring. The "sorrowful sorrow" that Jiang Yan placed in "Yangzhou Slow" is even more embarrassing. "The twenty-four bridges are still there, the waves are swaying, the cold moon is silent. Reading the red medicine at the bridge, who knows who is born every year?" The 24th Bridge, also known as the Red Medicine Bridge, is known for its red peony, but here, The delicate "bridgeside red medicine" contrasts with the cold water in the Yangzhou empty city, and the scenery is sluggish, which is quite similar to the meaning of "the carving of the jade is still in the present, but the change of Zhu Yan". The more beautiful the flowers, the more they will give more people a subjective idea. This may be what the peony flowers have not thought of. Peony and peony as sister flowers, because the flowers are quite similar, it is always indistinguishable. In fact, there are still many differences between the two Peony is in the middle and late April, woody plants can grow to 2 meters and the leaves are yellow. Green, the flowers are huge, and the peony is opened in early May, the herbaceous plants, the maximum is no more than 1 meter, the leaves are black and green, the flowers are smaller, and the flowering period is different for 15 days. Now it is the good day to enjoy the peony. When lamenting the peony's luxurious voice and the short memories of spring, it loves to greet the summer in its own season. Spring is refreshing and gentle, it is the most appropriate time of the year, and the warm and unrestrained summer is always a bit overwhelming, even the bitter summer, just as a flower, it opens to the door of summer with a touch of grace And let this summer aroma linger. Spilling green with the peony, but open after the peony, and everywhere is inferior to the peony, the name of the flower is not a name. Beauty, never will be a gesture, Russell once said that staggering polymorphism is the source of happiness, can be understood as staggered polymorphism is also a kind of beauty, you have your gorgeous, I have my simplicity, you have your health I have my exquisiteness, and there is no comparison between the level and the level of beauty. As long as it is beautiful, it will be close to and nourish the soul. Therefore, the beauty of peony is also a feeling that can only be conveyed and can not be transmitted. The peony of the river has already been opened. Most of them have already sat on the flower buds and swayed on the edge of the peony. The leaves of peach and pear are turned from green to green. For the dark green, the tulip has faded, and the pansy is active in every corner. The smell of spring slowly cooled down, and the feeling of early summer has spread. The people on the riverside are mostly light-sleeved skirts, smiles and smiles, and the wind and the wind are smooth, and the flowers are people. "Look at the three springs and turn around and smile. Career. "The years are still so hurried, since you can't stop the pace of the season change, then come and hug this approaching May, there is a drug-seeking companion, May's magnificent can illuminate the sky of summer night.

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