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USA to USA delivery, Top Quality Fent Hcl, Apvp, Ket and Mdma.
7 days to Germany from USA
As a regular buyer of Seanpaxson, I am happy with their level of service.
Discreet packaging, speedy delivery and they’re always on hand to answer emails.
First class!!
NEP extremely well
3-MMC white powder as well with crystalline effect, very stimulating, great high and euphoric 
Etiz very good relax and sleep 
and great Clonazolam powder better then Etiz but both are great 
Products, consistently GREAT...every time!
Just got home to find my order waiting for me!
Thank you Sean Paxson for another great service!
The best by far!
Great order, quick, speedy, good product, generous weight which is always appreciated.
Looking forward to trying more products, so impressed so far.
Great delivery
Great products
Great customer service! 
Had an excellent first experience with Sean Paxson. The product and shipping were far cheaper than I expected, and the delivery arrived ahead of schedule and moreover it is domestic. Product strength was indisputable.
Ordered since Friday and package was dropped off at the PO box yesterday. Picked it and the quality of product and packaging was formidable.
Just got home to find my order waiting for me!
Thank you Sean Paxson for another great service!
Delivery to Romania took 7 days. Good Package and good product.
The best by far!
Our Labs in China has Research Chemicals with excellent quality, competitive rates and timely stock-reship service.
Verified Chinese Vendor, Check out our updated Product list;

5f-mdmb2201, 5F-ADB, 4f adb, 4cn adb, MMB2101, SGT151, SGT78, SGT24, SGT263, mdphp201, EBK, n-hex, Eutylone, Etizolam, Diclazepam, Hexylone, JWH-018, JWH-201, 4CDC, MED, NDH, HEP, GBK, 2FDCK, Diethylone, TH-PVP, 3F-PVP, 4-BR-PVP, 4MPD, EG-018, 3MEOPCP, 3F-PM, 5MEO, 48800, 4798E1, 47470, 33770, C1770, 4f-pd, 4-BB-22, 4-CN-BINACA-ADB, 5cladb-a, App-b, Fab-144, Fub-144, alaprazolam, 4-BB-22 and or 4F-Pd.

Payment is via bitcoins ONLY and is upfront.
Sample orders are available and as from 5g and above, depending on the product.


Email; [email protected]
Wickr; changshung

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