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VITALECHEMICALS: 5f-ur144, 5meo, 6apb, lsd, Coke
We’re are professional and efficient high quality manufacturers of Research Chemical Powders and other pharmaceutical products in the USA, China, Europe and Australia.
With a couple of years of production and sales experience from our own labs and factories, we offer excellent services.
We presently have in stock: Alprazolam, Clonazolam, 3f-pm, 3ho-pcp, 3meopcp, 4mpd, 4m-php, 5f-ur144, 5meo, 6apb, lsd, Coke, fent Hcl, Meth, Nep, Carf and a range of other high quality products.
Minimum Order Quantities depend upon the products interested in. Payment is via Bitcoin and is upfront.
Our services:
·         Communication is available 24/7 and very flexible. Replies are prompt.
·         100% assured and secured packaging.
·         Guaranteed delivery.
·         Wholesale discounts.
Email: [[email protected]/[email protected]][email protected]/[email protected][/email]
Wickr: tuscanbryan

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