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VITALECHEMICALS: HEP, n-hex, NDH, Jwh-018, LSD, Coke, Nep, Carf
We produce and sale high quality Research Chemical powders and other pharmaceutical products at cheap prices in the USA, China, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.
With a couple of years production and sales experience, we offer good customer services and high quality products.
Products currently available:
2FMA, 2fdck, 3cmc, 3mmc, 3meopcp, 4mpd, 4cdc, 5f-ur144, 5meo dmt, HEP, n-hex, NDH, Jwh-018, LSD, Coke, Nep, Carf and others.
Our services:
Guaranteed delivery
100% assured and secured packaging
Flexible and readily available communication with prompt replies
Wholesale discounts.
Payments through Bitcoin and upfront.
Email: [email protected]/[email protected] 
Wickr: tuscanbryan

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