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Vacuum pump for basic instruments in pharmaceutical chemistry
Vacuum pump for basic instruments in pharmaceutical chemistry

Vacuum pump is one of the most commonly used equipment in the laboratory, which is often used in the situation of high vacuum requirements. The efficiency of the vacuum pump depends on the structure of the pump and the quality of the oil (the lower the vapor pressure of the oil is, the better). A good vacuum pump can pump a vacuum degree of 10-100pa. The more precise the structure of the oil pump, the higher the requirements of the working conditions.

II. Operation steps

After connecting all conduits, turn on the switch.

III. precautions

(1) the selection of vacuum pump shall be suitable for the use conditions, such as vacuum degree, pumping rate, power supply voltage, etc.

(2) the vacuum pump shall be placed in a clean and dry place. Clean and change oil regularly. Kerosene or straight run gasoline shall be used for cleaning. After cleaning, all parts shall be dried, air dried or blow dried with a blower. When changing oil, clean vacuum pump oil shall be used. If other oil is used instead, the vacuum degree will be seriously affected.

(3) the vacuum system and the pipes connected with the pump shall be short and thick, and the joints shall be minimized. All joints shall be strictly sealed to ensure no air leakage.

(4) if the temperature of the extracted gas is higher than 40 ℃, a gas cooling device shall be added. If there is liquid drop, condensation dehumidification device shall be added. If the extracted gas is corrosive or has chemical reaction with oil, absorption and neutralization device shall be added.

(5) before starting the pump, check whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct (when checking the rotation direction, take off the drive belt first to avoid oil gushing out when the motor reverses), whether the lubrication system is reliable and whether the oil volume is appropriate.

(6) the oil temperature of vacuum pump during operation shall not exceed 75 ℃, and there shall be no noise and vibration, otherwise, it shall be shut down for maintenance.

(7) when stopping the pump, first close the valve connecting the vacuum system and open the vent valve to prevent the pump oil from being sucked back into the vacuum system, and then cut off the power supply of the motor.

(8) the vacuum pump shall not be used to pump the liquid with low boiling point. Therefore, the system to be pumped shall pump out the solvent with low boiling point before using the vacuum pump.

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