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Vitalechemicals: LSD, Ketamine, Coke, Carf, 5MEO, 3MEO-PCP
We manufacture high quality Research Chemical Powders, pharmaceutical products and other products in China, USA, Europe and Australia.
With years of production and sales experience, we offer excellent products and services from our own factories and labs.
Currently available products are:
Eutylone, oxycodone 120mg, 5f-mdmb2201, sgt151, sgt78, sgt273, 4cdc, 4f adb, 4cn-adb, HEP, 2fdck, and a range of other high quality products.
Minimum order depends on the product you’re interested in. Payment is through Bitcoin and is upfront.
Our services:
• Communication is flexible and available 24/7 with prompt replies.
• Delivery is guaranteed.
• Packaging is assured and is 100% ssecured.
• Wholesale discounts available.
[email protected]/[email protected]
Wickr: tuscanbryan

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