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Vitalechemicals, bk-MBDB, SGT 151,4F ADB,5F MDMB
VITALECHEMICALS produces and sells high quality Research Chemical Powders and other pharmaceutical products in the United states, China, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world.
With a seasoned Research team, we produce from our own labs and factories and also offer excellent services.

Products currently available include;

5f-mdmb2201, 5F-ADB, 4f adb (White powder), 4cn adb (Brown powder), MMB2101, SGT151, SGT263, SGT 78, MED, bmdp, EBK (Rock Crystals, all colors available), NDH (White powder crystals), n-hex (White powder), EU (Rock crystals, all colors available), HEP (White powder), MDPHP, MDPT (Crystals), BMDP (CRYSTALS), 4CDC (Crystals) Dibutylone, Eutylone, 2fdck,  U 48800, MTF, Apvp, 3meo-pcp, 3f-pm, TH-pvp, 3f-pvp, 3HO-pcp, 5meo, Fentanyl Hcl, MDMA (Champagne HCL 84%) , LSD Blotters, 2-CB pills, Ketamine, Carf, Cocaine, Etizolam, alprazolam, Clonazolam, Crystal Meth, NEP, 3MMC,3-MEC, Amphetamine, Dexamphetamine 2.5mg (sealed in original jar 30pcs), lsd blotters, GHB (crystal & liquid), mdpv.
For details contact us
Email: [email protected]/[email protected]
Wickr: tuscanbryan 
Hello friend,I am a research chemical vendor .
We supply cannabinoid : adbb ,4fbca ,5faeb.6cladb 5cladb 
stimulant : eutylone,cocaine,3cmc,hexen
Sample order is available .
Hope can do business with you .
best regards 
Email:[email protected]

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