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Youth Elgton Jenkins Jersey
Over the course of a season , there are not many things pretty much every fan, player, coach and writer can agree on.The lack of carries and opportunities being given to the Green Bay Packers running backs is one of the few. Finding who exactly is to blame for that is where the disagreements take place.Is it head coach Mike McCarthy? A popular target for fans and some in the media, McCarthy is the one calling the plays to quarterback Aaron Rodgers. When you have one of the best to ever play the game under center, you’re going to lean towards passing naturally, but the offense is still out of balance even for Green Bay. Speaking of Rodgers, does he deserve some blame? McCarthy often gives Rodgers a “menu” of plays including some with run/pass options.Is it Rodgers who is optioning pass due to some unknown factor? Does he not trust the running backs he barely played with last season thanks to his collarbone injury?Or does some of this fall on the defense? The Packers have fallen behind by more than one score far too frequently and that forces the offense to try and move the ball through the air more in order to catch up. This writer thinks it’s a combination of all three, but we don’t know for sure. Only the Packers coaches in meetings during the bye week have the answer.What do you all think? You can read more on the running game plus a candidate for headline of the year in today’s cheese curds.Finding fault for Packers’ neglected ground game-PackersNews.comThe running backs need more carries , particularly Aaron Jones who is the best running back on the team. The Packers examined this during the bye week and one can only hope they learned some things and will adapt appropriately.Equanimeous St. Brown’s growth has been obvious to receiving corps—Packers.comMarquez Valdes-Scantling has gotten a lot of praise and rightfully so, but don’t overlook the rookie from Notre Dame. He showed some major growth between the games against the Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers and give the Packers yet another option even with a healthy Randall Cobb and Geronimo Allison.Former Packers draft pick signed to Browns practice squad—Packers WireDevante Mays lands in Cleveland, affectionately known as “Green Bay East.” Packers paying price now for Ted Thompson’s last three drafts—ESPNGeneral manager Brian Gutekunst obviously holds his former boss in a place of high regard, but he’s going to have to clean up the mess of Thompson’s final three drafts. This isn’t just about Kevin King vs T.J. Watt either (a very polluted debate to begin with). Flying Toilet Damages Fan’s Car at Red Rocks, Causes Literal S**t Storm—WestWorld.comThis might be the headline of the year but anyone who has been to an event in a open area with high winds has always been terrified of this possibility in the back of their minds. PoopNado anyone? Former Packers coach Mike McCarthy made it clear during his recent interview with that he wants to return to the sidelines as an NFL head coach in 2020. However, the interview omitted three key topics that would shed light on whether, as the preamble to the Q&A presumes, McCarthy “is聽expected to be one of the top names on candidate lists next offseason.”He was expected to be one of the top names on candidate lists offseason , but he didn’t get a single offer. And he only got one interview, with the Jets. So, Mike, why do you think the Jets opted for a freshly-fired Adam Gase over a freshly-fired Mike McCarthy, given that you have accomplished so much more during your head-coaching career than Gase?That question wasn’t asked.Also not asked was the question of why McCarthy didn’t even get an interview with the Browns, given the presence of three former Packers executives in Cleveland. John Dorsey, Eliot Wolf, and Alonzo Highsmith know McCarthy. They’ve worked with McCarthy. So , Mike, why do you think you didn’t get an interview for a job that went to a position coach who stumbled into an interim offensive coordinator job?The interview also didn’t ask McCarthy about the only news he has made since not getting hired by the Jets. In late February, McCarthy reportedly “berated” officials at a high-school basketball game with a “verbal tirade” that featured “unsportsmanlike language.” Regardless of whether McCarthy would have wanted to discuss it, it’s more than fair game to ask about it.It’s possible that McCarthy agreed to the interview on the express condition that one or more of these questions wouldn’t be asked. It’s also possible that McCarthy is being considered for potential in-season employment at ESPN, and that a strategic decision was made to avoid these potentially sensitive or awkward topics.Whatever the reason for skipping these questions, the questions were skipped. As a result, the interview wasn’t as probing or revealing as it could have been.

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