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alled success, using money
nrise or later in the sunset. It is now, you see, she is really beautiful. "Just I was beaten by my dad for a day at home. Because I was disconnected from the Internet, I could only go to the Internet cafe. I was discovered by my father when I went out in the middle of the night. He kept following me. When I sat down, he would Suddenly rushed out and fanned me Actually, it doesn't matter. I just think that you should have no way to understand my mood at that time. One person, stunned at the front of the computer screen, I have been completely impressed by the beauty of Venus. "I know that I missed the exam and I know that it means I have to be taken to the last row of the classroom and abandoned. But now I am full of my Venus, I want to get better. I didn't figure out all the unspeakable feelings of your time, like the sun-vision movement I never figured out. I lack a sense of direction and I lack understanding. In my eyes, there are only flashing Venus and flashing you. Zou Zou is my favorite teacher. His Chongqing accent can turn ��Henan Province�� into ��Netherlands Province��. Geography class has always been my favorite class, and more importantly, he does not look down on people with poor academic performance like other teachers. He will seriously tell me about the "unitropy, coplanarity, and near-circle" in the solar system, as well as "the inner planets and terrestrial planets." He occasionally frowned and told me that I needed to work hard. It was only the hasty high school that allowed me to accept too many false wishes and sneer in the back. I regrouped over and over again, viciously circulating over and over again, and lost faith again and again.I haven't talked to you for a long time, and even your long head has been cut into a student's head. It was also discovered when I met you in the toilet not long ago. You started to be quiet, and you will not laugh exaggeratedly as you used to. No more schoolboys wearing earrings came to you, and no longer saw you call the boys in front of the phone booth. You become silent, don't laugh, have no friends. The original bright forehead pulled out a few red and swollen acne, and people quickly lost weight. I am not unwilling to care about you, but in the third year of being under high pressure, I have lost all absolute and relative freedom, even if I walk from the front of the classroom to the back. I didn't have more time to talk to you and chat and joking. I didn't have a world to deal with everything except homework. At that time, there were two consecutive months of the city entrance examination from the college entrance examination, and we were assigned to the same examination room. I haven't greeted you for a long time, and you only smile when you see me. Before entering the examination room, you came over and hugged me, and whispered in my ear, "Refueling," you obviously did not use force, why I was so painful. I don't want to see you being so miserable by reality, the light that originally radiated from you is now slowly annihilating. I can no longer recognize you in the crowd, and I can't understand the heartfelt happiness when I stayed with you. You didn't get the focus. This is the first sentence you said quietly to me on the phone. I only know that you took your luggage to Guiyang on the second day after the college entrance examination. You said that you have to apply for the teacher there, and then stay there. You said that the meaning of life has been distorted and formatted today. The success that everyone agrees is the so-called success, using money and power as a weight to measure everything. You don't want to be so vulgar. You said that you want to let the left-behind children in the mountains know that when they grow up, they can do many other things besides working. You must let them learn that they can change their own destiny. This is what you think is meaningful You said everything on the phone without feelings. These people who pressed your heart for a year and just squeezed into the focus line lost all opportunities to realize their original dreams. I could not reach my goal. Listening to the advice of the family, applying for an ordinary university, it is also an unsatisfactory answer for your future. Many times, I imagine that you live in a distant Guiyang, and you can��t live without it. life. I think you must have a long hair and you will walk barefoot on the floor in the rainy night. I know that you must be shining, more beautiful than fireflies. Those children must like you very much, because you like to laugh a lot of nights that don't see Venus, I will think of you because you are the strongest bubble, the saddest comedy you are my Venus, always by my side. It��s just that no matter how hard I try to catch up, I can��t get to your track. We occasionally met each other, and there was only silence after the cold. There are too many unknown obstacles between us, and my tears are full of eyes. I don��t believe that I can only go from west to east, but you can go from east to west.
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