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Tigei, as the name suggests: Tiger. Tiger - means the fierce king of the forest. And just in our school, there is such a powerful "tiger" - our principal. To be honest, few people know his name, like the surname "Liu"! But his nickname tiger (we all call him "Laotai") went to the ear, no one knows no one remembers that just after the first day, he is squatting at school every day, specializing in unfair classmates, thinking " Kill the chicken and scare the monkey, and give us a "down". Within a few days, his nickname was passed down to the tenth and the tenth. There was such a classmate who did not know the truth but was very polite and walked up to him and said hello to him: "Thai teacher is good!" This is not a big deal. The principal was taken to the teaching office, and the big K special K was a meal. This extraordinary person is what we call the president of Tigei, and as he said above, he is indeed a very serious person. After nearly two years of schooling, I have never seen a kind flower blossoming across his face. His face always has a look that is more majestic than a judge and a colder than a lawyer. Perhaps this is one reason why he can shake the students and sit on the "first spot". However, he has always been conscientious and meticulous in his work. He is on duty every Thursday, and on this day, he must have been busy from the day to the middle of the night He can be seen everywhere on campus, in the dining hall, in the teaching building, and in the dormitory. He brought his breath to every corner of the school, and it also brought a remarkable shock - "to draw no mathematics to bend down." Therefore, this day's campus has a special learning atmosphere, the lights are ringing, and the campus is black and lacquered. The opposite building was shot with a beam of light. That is because he is checking whether the doors and windows of each class are closed. There is such a scene in front of him: he has a heavy hand on his left hand and a flashlight in his right hand, and he repeats a series of actions in an unreasonable way - opening the door - looking around - locking the door... he climbs from the first floor Go to the third floor and transfer from the first grade to the third grade. I have never asked if he is tired, but he is often a simple person who drags his heavy steps. Not only is it simple to dress, but even his transportation is "simple" So far away from home, I still struggle with bicycles and wind, rain, snow, the sun and even the road. I think that he is riding on a bicycle every day, bending back and sweating, and he is admired. His bicycle is very loyal and has been with him for many years. It��s just that when I��m old, my bones are not tough. I��m not ��Napoleon�� or ��dropping the chain�� all day long. The students have dubbed it ��armored car��, isn��t it? This "three no" brand, (no paint, no bells, no baskets) bicycles how rusty looks how like an armored car. Perhaps this is the style of the principal. Although our principal is not amiable, it is not easy to approach. But he has always dedicated himself to obscurity. "Strict teacher out of the high school", let us understand each other
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